Amazonite stone - New update 2021 - Great video

Amazonite Crystal takes its name from the Amazon River.

The shape and structure are similar to that of the Amazon River. Although not a very valuable stone, jewelry is commonly used in the construction or decorative purpose carving.

Amazonite is a very sensitive stone. The temperature is affected quickly and it becomes pale when touched.

12 Amazing Benefits Of Amazonite Crystal:

1. Strengthens the body.

2. Especially the heart, muscles and nervous system are related.

3. It calms the nervous system, dissipates the negative energy.

4. It relieves stress or removes it entirely.

5. It gives people the power to express themselves.

6. It helps to give meaning to the life of the person.

7. The energy is good for those who are sick at the fatal level.

8. It allows creative thoughts to emerge, increasing your ability to express yourself correctly and openly.

9. Mental strength and understanding improve grip strength.

10. It reinforces your skills and gives you the ability to work together with others.

11. Eliminates calcium deficiency, prevents tooth decay.

12. It improves communication skills related to love and affection.

13. It makes birth easier, alleviates aches.

Physical Effects of Amazonite Stone

  • This Crystal strengthens the body.

  • Especially the heart, muscles and nervous system are related.

Biological Effects of Amazonite Crystal

  • It provides continuity and understanding between body and spirit worlds.

  • It helps emotional wounds heal.

  • Energy, which is good for fatally ill.

  • It helps to improve communication.

  • It helps to give meaning to the life of the person, to value life.

  • It gives people the power to express themselves.

  • It is relaxing, calming, and peaceful.

8 Other Benefits of Amazonite Crystal

1. It carries you to the core nature of the heart, the joy, rejoice, happiness, and freedom. It is effective to overcome the likely shortage that could make your shopping in love. It can be effective for softening hearts.

2) Thus one can balance by opening himself to unconditional love. It increases your ability to express yourself. You can earn your freedom of expression, rather than suppress your feelings and thoughts.

3) You can talk fluently. Amazonite vibrations emitted from the heart, are highly effective in the neck and throat area and it transmits the universal healing energy to these regions. Therefore very good for thyroid disorders, stuttering, and chronic tonsillitis.

4) Amazonite is used in gynecology. Menstrual irregularities and may be good for a variety of gynecological diseases. Severe stress experienced to help in premenopausal and fever in women.

5) It is extremely sensitive, are susceptible to heat. Because of its affinity, it is specifically marketed as emerald.

6) It calms extreme excitement, resentment, rage, and other emotional exits. Calms the nerves, distributes negative energy, stress relieves, or eliminates.

7) It relieves muscle spasms. It eliminates calcium deficiency. It prevents tooth decay. Protects the eye from diseases.

8) It eases birth and relieves pain. Enhances the communication skills associated with love. Amazonite Stone regulates metabolic activities. 

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