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by Maya TLM 11 Sep 2022


Today we are going to discuss about the fourth chakra, Heart chakra or anahata , and will discuss what are the best possible ways to balance Heart chakra using healing crystals. So let's find more about the heart chakra.

The heart chakra, or anahata chakra in Sanskrit, is located at the centre of the spine at heart level. Anahata roughly translates to, “unhurt.” Accordingly, the heart chakra acts as the individual’s centre of compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness. This chakra governs one’s senses of trust, fearlessness, peace, generosity, gratitude, and connectedness, as well as change and transformation, healthy boundaries, depth in relationships with others, emotional control, and love for oneself.

The heart chakra has a feminine energy and is symbolized by a green six-pointed star within a 12-petaled flower. Elementally, the heart chakra is associated with air, and its mantra is, “I love.”

The heart chakra is special because it is the fourth of the seven chakras, making it the exact halfway point of the system and the unifier of the physical and spiritual chakras. By connecting the lower three chakras — the root, sacral, and solar plexus — with the upper three chakras — the throat, third eye, and crown — the heart chakra acts as the bridge between the earth and spirit.

When Blocked or Out of Balance

When the heart chakra is out of alignment, a number of issues can arise. One might feel hard-hearted, broken hearted, unhappy, lonely, insecure, easily hurt, or unable to receive love. One might choose to lead with the head and not the heart, to grow distant from others and put up walls, to shut down emotionally, or to hold onto resentment or bitterness.

A variety of yoga asanas — specifically, bow pose, camel pose, and chest openers — can help to bring balance to the heart chakra. Consider following along with a guided yoga flow like this heart chakra yoga for beginners, 15-minute flow, anahata chakra yoga class, or heart-opening rose yoga.

Exercise in general can play an important role in developing a healthy sense of self-love, as well. Our bodies are our greatest gifts, and the more we learn to respect, honour and take care of them, the healthier our heart chakras will be overall!

Breathwork is also a powerful practice, especially considering that the element of the heart chakra is air. Even something as simple as deep breathing can bring peace and calm to the heart and remove stuck or negative energy from the heart chakra. Take it one step further with a visualization exercise, like imagining a beautiful rose blooming from the heart chakra to open wider and wider.

Meditation is a great tool for balancing the chakras, and following a guided meditation designed specifically for the heart chakra, like I’ve linked here, can do wonders. Lastly, use the vibrational energy of a sound meditation to feel the heart chakra come back into alignment by verbalizing the seed syllable, “yam.” (Pronounce it with the same vowel sound as “yawn,” rather than, “yam,” like the vegetable!)

A breath of fresh air in Newfoundland
Incorporating affirmations into any of the aforementioned activities, or simply reciting them on their own, can further help align the heart chakra. Some affirmations which could target the heart include:

I am worthy and deserving of love.
I forgive myself and others.
I am open to giving and receiving love.
I live with gratitude and generosity.
I honour the guiding of my heart.

Furthermore, things like aromatherapy, crystals (more on that below), healthy foods, and colour therapy can help to align the heart chakra. Try an essential oil like bergamot, jasmine, geranium, lavender, cypress, or rose, to target the heart energy. Incorporating natural, bright green foods like kale into the diet can be effective, as well. Even wearing green to create mindfulness of the heart chakra is a good idea.

Perhaps a more general approach to balancing the heart chakra would be to engage in activities that spark love, passion, and joy. Whatever prompts a smile — do that! In addition, try to express gratitude. There is something about thankfulness that seems to make the heart radiate love and positive energy, and incorporating a habit such as writing in a gratitude journal into a daily routine could be a powerful way to keep the heart chakra in alignment. And don’t forget about self-care! By putting personal needs first, caring for others doesn’t have to lead to burnout. Only by loving ourselves well can we, in turn, pour out to love others well.

The heart chakra could also be aided by focusing on its element, air. Placing oneself in environments which have a strong sense of open space and fresh air could be highly beneficial — bonus points for a natural abundance of the colour green! Plus, getting in touch with nature in general often has a freeing mental and emotional effect.

7 most powerful crystals for the heart chakra

The Heart chakra is the centre of your feelings, the blessed place where love can awaken and blossom. an unbalanced heart chakra can affect your emotional life. when the heart chakra is unbalanced, you start to feel alienated from the world around you, the people you love, and even from yourself. if the energy is low in your heart chakra, you feel lonely and depressed.

Rose quartz: Peace & Self love

With a balanced heart chakra you'll find peace and compassion during difficult times. Rose quartz is one of the best crystals you can have to help in healing emotional traumas. Rose quartz with its soothing energy is ideal to work with when we go through hard times: divorce, break-up, or grief. the light pink stone carries the energies of compassion, nourishment, tenderness, peace, and pure, unconditional love.

How to use your rose quartz:

Wear rose quartz jewellery to enjoy its gentle energy all day long
Display it near your bed or place it under your pillow
Place rose quartz palm stones on the heart chakra area during healing sessions
Hold rose quartz palm stones in your hands during meditation and relaxation
Create a rose quartz crystal grid to attract loving relationships

Green Aventurine: Luck & Abundance

An awakened heart chakra allows to embrace everything life brings towards you and live your life to the fullest. Aventurine shifts your focus from your mind to your heart and helps you to live life to the fullest. The abundant positive energy of the aventurine is complementary with the energy of other healing gemstones. It also brings protective energies that encourage you to grow and blossom. Aventurine can also help us to let go of unhealthy relationships without anger and resentment.

How to use aventurine to energize your heart chakra:

Use this stone alongside amazonite in charm bags to attract luck and abundance in your love life
Hold a green aventurine palm stone in your hand for a while when you feel overwhelmed with negative emotions
Place aventurine palm stones on your heart chakra area while relaxing or during healing sessions

Green Jade: Abundance & Balance

Cleanse and balance your heart chakra to attract love into your life. Jade attracts more love energy into your life and helps in healing the matters of the heart. Thanks to its prosperity and abundance bringing energy, this heart chakra stimulator is known as the ultimate lucky gemstone. Jade also has purifying, protective properties, helps to release tensions. mayans, aztecs, maoris, chinese believed in jade's powerful healing properties. It is highly valued in china, there is a saying that says, "gold is valuable, but jade is priceless."

How to use jade:

Display jade sculptures in your home
Place jade palm stones on your heart chakra area
Wear jade jewellery to attract love in your life
Carry tumbled jade in your pocket

Amazonite: Harmony & Adventure

Amazonite stimulates your heart chakra and awakens compassion. The revitalizing energy of amazonite will help you bring harmony in your relationships. Amazonite helps to get tuned to the sense of adventure. It connects the heart chakra with the throat chakra. Amazonite also known as the "stone of courage" can help us deal with loneliness. its calming energy brings harmony in relationships.

When to use it:

Wear amazonite jewellery while working, it's said that attracts success and new business opportunities
Display amazonite in your home or office to benefit from its energy all day long
Place amazonite palm stones on the heart chakra area when you relax

Malachite: Love & Protection

Malachite is another powerful heart chakra stone. It helps to balance and clear the heart chakra. It also helps to relieve any stress from your heart and to heal yourself through acceptance and forgiveness, the first two steps to letting go and moving on.

This beautiful stone with such an intense green colour is associated with Venus and it's said that it can attract love and loving relationships.

How to use it:

It was often worn as a protective amulet, the stone has a long history of having protective properties
Malachite jewellery can complement even the most elegant outfits
Display tumbled malachite in a bowl in your home or office, it's one of the most beautiful gemstones

With an energized and balanced heart chakra you:

Manifest compassion, forgiveness, and empathy.
Feel and manifest unconditional love.
Radiate the energy of pure love.
Feel love for yourself, love for others, love for everything that surrounds you
begin to open to the universal energies of love.
Your relationships strengthen and you begin to feel aligned with yourself.
Meditating with heart chakra crystals, carrying and wearing them opens and balances the heart chakra.

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