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by Jameesh Jayan 02 Sep 2021



Black Obsidian is a crystal among healing stones . It is known as the volcano glass among people. They are formed by the sudden cooling of volcanoes. Mayans of ancient civilizations used the Obsidian crystal to make mirrors.

Black Obsidian, which is among the precious stones, is formed as a result of the sudden cooling of volcano lava. Although it is not known very well, Obsidian, which is a very valuable natural stone has many known benefits. Nowadays it is used in alternative medicine, cosmetics, jewelry and spa treatments. It is a formless and glass structure because it does not have a crystalline property.

Approximately 70 % of the content of the Obsidian crystal, which constitutes silicon has been used for centuries for healing purposes . Obsidian crystal was found in prehistoric periods and was used by people in various areas.

What is Black Obsidian?

The black obsidian which is also known as the volcanic glass or volcanic

rock as they are formed by the sudden cooling of volcanic lava and has a natural shape. Because of it’s fine and sharp form, it was used in the production of weapons and ornaments in the history of ancient civilizations. It is also known as a lucky stone of people with Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn as the zodiac sign.

This crystal has been said to have an effect on the human body. Among the healing crystals, the common features and varieties of Black Obsidian is mentioned frequently and let us take a look in to that.

How To Use Black Obsidian?

To remove the negative energy in your body, you can place the black Obsidian in the lower part of your feet. If the sharp parts of the crystal are removed and rounded, you can roll it on your foot.

Obsidian crystals are also known to be effective for renal calculi. This crystal should not be rise above the heart level. In general, as it is sharp it will only be enough to put the crystal in the area of pain, but if it is rounded, you can massage the areas with the crystal.

You should pay attention to the edges when using it as it’s sharp. All applications with Black Obsidian should not be continued for more than 30 minutes. It is important to wash the crystal with plenty of water before and after applying to any area.

No one should touch the obsidian crystal except the owner. Freshly extracted crystals can be kept in seawater or sea salt before being used for the first time. As an alternative, it can be cleansed with soil. These procedures should not take less than 24 hours.

  • People who want to get rid of negative energy in the body, put this crystal under their feet.

  • It is recommended to use this crystal at and below the heart level and is said to be harmful for the body to be used above the neck.

  • If those who have liver problems, put an obsidian crystal on the liver area and wait for an average of 20 minutes. It is known that the liver will be cleansed.

  • It should not be held for more than 20 minutes.

  • For the pain in the knees, legs and joints, it is advisable to put a black obsidian crystal in the area where it is painful.

  • Obsidian crystal must be cleansed with either seawater or sea salt for up to 24 hours before using it.

What Are The Features Of Black Obsidian?

The Black Obsidian has a black color and has a glass – like gloss appearance. The crystals may vary in colors as a result of their phases and it can be grey, green, black, brown, red, blue or gold. The most common type of Obsidian crystal is snow – grained Obsidian with white spots.

The green obsidian is extracted from the Titan on Mount Nemrut. Red obsidian is found in the region of Rize. Apart from this; Kars, Agri Mountain, In Italy around the Eolie Islands, in Greece around Milos, in Armenia and Hungary the presence of obsidian crystal is found.

What Are The Benefits Of Black Obsidian?

Black Obsidian, one of the healing crystals found in nature, has countless benefits to the human body. The negative energy is believed to be removed by this crystal and it also can be used as a spa stone for Massaging.

It is a crystal that helps relieve by taking negative electricity in the body. Thus, it enables the movement of positive emotions.

  1. Due to it’s high strength, Black obsidian is used for therapy sessions and with this feature it provides calmness in stressful situations.

  2. It is a stone that can provide balance on people’s sense of excitement.

  3. The black obsidian is effective especially for men in terms of energy.

  4. It is a valuable crystal that can give humor power to the people it affects.

  5. The black obsidian has a positive effect on the decision – making mechanisms of individuals. It activates the senses needed to think logically.

  6. People who drink excessive alcohol can use this crystal to cleanse their liver.

  7. An Obsidian crystal with the size of a liver will be enough. It has to be put on the liver area and wait for 20 minutes.

  8. It relieves joint aches, especially aches in the entire knee and legs.

  9. The black obsidian is also known as a supernatural stone as it is believed to be affect the future and dreams. Even in ancient times, the priests used this crystal as a prophecy.










All these crystals are 100% original and natural. Nature imprints its contours on its creation so be happy to accept crack marks, holes and color variations in your collection. This assures that its 100% natural and Authentic.

Information provided is learnt from experience of various healers to help healers/ believers. This is any case is not any alternative to medical advice. 

Use of the product is the personal choice of the user and the result cannot be guaranteed.

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