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by Maya TLM 24 Aug 2022
Let's talk about 9 Best crystals that will heal boost and protect your children. Also will give you the tips of the best possible ways of use. So let's find some crystals for your kid.

Are crystals good for kids?

Crystals are great for kids! Children are drawn to sparkling objects, and crystals beckon with magic. Kids are also more open to the metaphysical healing the Universe has to offer. This combination makes them prime candidates for crystal healing lifestyles.

If your child does not mentally understand the power of energy healing, they will at least feel it. They may not know why they are pulled towards certain stones, but just like their favourite teddy bear, they will take comfort in the crystal's vibrations.

Younger kids must always be supervised by an adult when wearing or playing with gemstones.
Crystals to help with the stress of being a kid.
Just like adults, kids suffer from mental, spiritual, and physical stress. Stress for kids can be in the form of school homework, peer pressure, anxiety, fear, and the general feeling of tiredness due to a lack of sleep.

Kids should learn how to relieve stress and negativity in a positive way. Start them on the crystal healing path and watch as they thrive into a healthy future.

Can kids wear gemstones?

Yes! Kids are fascinated with the colours, textures, and healing energies of natural gemstones. Depending on your child's behaviour, they may be great candidates for wearing gemstones. And some of the crystals are,

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a calming crystal that can really help children sleep better and prevent nightmares. It's often popular with children because of its purple colour.

You can place a crystal underneath their pillow or by the bed, and make up a ‘Magic Spray’ for younger children. Simply fill a bottle with water and a few drops of lavender essential oil, and add an Amethyst crystal in too. Spray this around the room just as they are going to bed.

2. Citrine

If you find your kid all gloomy and melancholy when he/she first used to be all joyful and merry, then our recommendation is to get Citrine.

It will bring back all their creativity and freedom of mind they once had. It will make them forget all the sadness and bring them into being more confident and cheerful.
Has Citrine placed where your kid sleeps? The stone will work its magic in their sleep.

3. Moonstone

Moonstone is really good for children who are dealing with emotional issues or are hyperactive. Your child can simply hold the crystal or rub it on their forehead - you will find that they will instinctively use the crystal where they need it.

4. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is definitely a stone every child should have. It has such a gentle, loving energy that it helps children overcome hurt and soothe their emotions. It is also gentle enough for children to wear for longer periods of time in bracelets, as a pendant or to carry in their pockets.

5. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye a great grounding stone that brings daydreamers back to reality and into the present moment. It is also a great stone for helping children with their self-esteem and can promote courage, too.

Tiger's Eye can be carried in their pocket, but we would recommend that they don't carry it all the time - daydreaming is important too!

6. Black Tourmaline

This all-black looking quartz for kids is best for protecting them from negative energies and self-doubt. Balancing courage and the power to strip the evil off are the chief features of Black Tourmaline.

Tourmalines are the best crystals for child protection. This stone helps your children to feel safe and reduces to fear to combat any negative energy. This, in the end, makes them more confident than any child around.

We recommend having the Black Tourmaline with the kids when they go to school. Not only it will give them protection, but it will also make them confident.

7. Red Carnelian

It is best known for elevating self-esteem and having a more open-minded outlook on life. I believe these two things are the most important characteristics a child should have.

If you only want one stone to get for your child if he or she is insecure, Carnelian would always be it. It helps kids trust themselves in every situation which elevates their self-esteem.

We recommend making Carnelian crystal necklaces for boys or girls and have them wear it to the school. The stone will give them confidence and a great deal of creativity to them.

8. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is known as the ‘Good Luck’ stone, so would be perfect for children sitting tests or exams or needing some encouragement. It is also a stone of leadership and, therefore, excellent for shy children and helps all children to show their leadership qualities.

9. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the 'Master Healer' and really is a must for anyone's collection. It acts as an all-purpose healer and can, therefore, be useful in many situations. Children seem especially drawn to this crystal and can often spot small rainbows within its structure.

Why are children drawn to crystals?

Kids of all ages have a natural attraction to crystals - they can be drawn to their energies, their beauty, colour and form.

Children experience the subtle energies of crystals quite easily and this can help them to understand and process the world from a grounded perspective.

It's important to allow your child to choose the crystal/s that they feel are right for them. Make sure that any crystals your child chooses are tumbled, as this will help prevent pieces from breaking off. We would also advise that new crystals (and those that have been used for any length of time) are cleansed in clean water to recharge them. Get your kids involved in this part too.

How should my kid use crystals?

Your kid can use crystals just like you do in healing. If they don't yet understand the power of healing, they may start off as rock collectors and line them up in their room for their pure beauty.

Here are a few ideas for your kids' crystals:

Place them under the pillow at night

Carry them in a drawstring pouch

Put them in a special backpack pocket

Line them up on a shelf

Create mindful mandalas

Have a show and tell with their friends

Make up stories for each crystal's personality

Place them on their chakras

Create chakra plates

Make gem elixirs

Wear gemstone jewellery

Gift crystals to their family and friends

Teaching Kids How to Use Crystals

Once your kids have a crystal or two in their collection, they’ll need to know how to use them. While some might be content just to leave their special stones on the bedside table or carry them in a pocket, they should also know the basics.

Crystals need to be cleansed before they’re used, and kept clean to ensure they work properly. Teach kids how to cleanse stones carefully with water, by charging it on a sunny windowsill, or by visualizing the negative energy being washed away from the stone to leave only positive.

Meditating with crystals is a great way to bring relaxation and relieve stress for kids. Tell them to hold the stone in their hand and think about what they want to meditate on, whether its feeling calmer, relieving anxiety, building confidence, inspiring creativity or something else. Once they’ve told the stone what they’re thinking about, they should close their eyes and focus on their desire. They should practice gentle breathing, and maybe listen to some calming music to aid their meditation.

Crystals can be carried in a pocket or pouch to offer protection throughout the day. In the morning, ask your kid to pick out whichever crystal is calling out to them that day. We don’t recommend carrying several stones together as they may get scratched or damaged. The stone can be kept secretly in a pocket where the child can reach out and touch it to get a boost of energy when they need it.

If your child is rough with their stones, make sure to choose harder crystals that can take a beating. Just like any other object, supervise your child and their crystals.

As your kids grow, they will want to expand their crystal horizon. Teach them the meaning of each crystal and what each one is good for. As they become adults, they can use crystals to focus their paths in life with self-confidence.

How should my kid clean their crystals?

Be sure to clean the crystals often if your child carries them around for a long period of time. For the gemstones we recommended above, rinsing them off with water will be enough to cleanse them physically.

To have your child tune into the metaphysical side of gemstones, teach them how to clean, charge, and program their crystals energetically.

If there are young people in your life who have an interest in crystals, encourage them. Children are drawn to the natural beauty and power of crystals and love these tactile objects. Children are open to the healing powers and special energies of crystals, and should have the opportunity to listen to their inner voice.

As with all complementary healing, crystals are not intended to take the place of conventional medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you are concerned about your child's health.

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