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by Crystal Healer 02 Sep 2021


Citrine, one of the very rare crystals in nature, which is very strong in terms of its properties, is a family of quartz. Citrine crystal, which has a hardness grade 7, takes Iron minarets, hematite and limonite, whose color is mixed with silicon dioxide.

The stone of the citrine is named after the Greek word “citron” meaning “lemon”. Generally, the citrine, which has frozen water drops in it, is transformed into water again when it is broken.

Citrine stone is seen in places where hydrothermal activities, pegmatite, and rock cavities occurs.

Features Of Citrine Crystal

As a success stone, it has been determined that this Crystal has a lot of influence on people.

The structural appearance of the citrine, which has a different color range from yellow to light brown, is transparent and semi- translucent and is compatible with fire, and the chemical Group is silicate.

Due to its structural appearance, it can be mixed with amethyst, peridot, sapphire, and Yellow Diamond.

Hope, health, fidelity, Loyalty, hidden power, youth and the infinite power of the Universe are areas where the citrine crystal is a symbol.

Although citrine is often referred to as “Spanish Topaz” or “Golden Topaz”, it does not have much relation to topaz, one of the gems used in jewelry construction. The motherland of citrine crystal is Brazil which is also the largest manufacturer of Citrine. The United States, Spain, Russia, France, Britain, and Madagascar are the other countries in which it is produced.

Citrine is the stone of Virgo and Leo.

Citrine bearing the power of the sun is also a protective crystal for the natural environment because it absorbs and converts the negative energy. It’s an aura protector. Acting like an early warning system, it helps the person to be alert to potential dangers and to act to protect himself/herself.

There are many different types of citrine crystals, including calcium stones, uric acid stones, cystine stones, and cystine stones.

A generous and cheerful crystal, citrine encourages one to share what he has and helps him maintain his wealth. It has the power to give happiness to all who hold the stone and carry it around his neck. It encourages you to enjoy your new experiences.

28 Best Health Benefits Of Citrine Crystal:

In ancient times, traders used to hide the crystal of the citrine in their coffins. This was because they believed that the citrine blesses the money. And so this is also called the “merchant’s stone“.

The most common type of citrine contains calcium in combination with either oxalate or phosphate.

1. It was used in prayer for rain in ancient times with quartz stone.

2. It helps to stimulate brain functions, also has an emotional balancing feature.

3. It helps to get rid of one’s addiction and eliminates excessive jealousy.

4. It collects, accumulates and activates positive energy around the person, and destroys negative energy and converts it into positive energy. That way, it’ll calm his nerves down.

5. Attached to the neck protects you from the negative energy of other people.

6. It helps in the healthy functioning of the inner glands, especially the thyroid gland.

7. It helps to relieve severe headaches.

8. By eliminating negative energy from family members, it creates a sense of unity and togetherness.

9. It allows the skin to breathe and gives the skin a feeling of freshness.

10. The body of people carrying the crystal of the citrine in the neck gains strength and Vitality.

11. It regulates the digestive and blood circulation and ensures healthy functioning.

12. The stone, which strengthens the immune system, protects the person against diseases.

13. It gives energy to the body and provides mental concentration.

14. The citrine is healthy for the eye, gives Eagle vision and power.

15. A person who carries the stone in his or her body increases his or her self- confidence and avoids any self-damaging behavior.

16. It can lighten the emotional traumas in the person and cheer the person up.

17. By eliminating symptoms of depression, it can help to get rid of bad thoughts.

18. It gives a sense of self-confidence and courage to the person, and it allows him to get rid of his fears.

19. It has antioxidant properties, helps to remove toxic substances from the body.

20. It helps in the solution of intestinal and stomach problems.

21. The citrine crystal, which enables spiritual development, makes it easy to connect with the spiritual realm and cleans the aura.

22. Citrine crystal activates massage oils and accelerates circulation by giving energy to the oil .

23. It also allows the oil to penetrate the skin better.

24. It removes cellulite and relaxes contractions in the body.

25. It helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes.

26. By balancing the hormones, it eliminates fatigue.

27. It is useful for people with sleep problems and sleep disorders.

28. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which a person stops breathing during sleep. Citrine helps to cure sleep apnea and Panic attack.

How To Clean Citrine Crystal?

It is necessary to cleanse the crystal at certain intervals to remove the negative energy and increase its effect. You can keep the citrine stone under the sun or by embedding it in the roots of the plant for one day. You can also clean your jewelry made of citrine stone by wiping it with a soft, wet cloth.

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