Various Easy ways to Clean and Energize your Healing Stones / Crystals

Crystals/Healing Stones are natural source of energy.  They are formed from minerals lying deep in earth’s crust constantly under heat and pressure for millions of years.

Crystals are store house and amplifiers of positive energy and dispel or absorb negative energies.  Crystals re-energize the biological system of the body.  Crystals balance us at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

All healing stones and crystals absorbs negative energies and amplify positive energy.  In the process they pick up and absorb negative energies which needs to the cleared and cleansed from time to time.  For good results it is always good that you clean you stones regularly.  The process is divided into 2 parts.  The first part is cleaning the stones and the other is energizing the stones.  Healing Stones needs to cleansed on a regular basis once a week.  There are various ways to clean the stones from negative absorption:-

1. Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is a very powerful yet gentle healing technique to clean and energize the healing stones. This method can only by used by persons who have learned Reiki Healing up to Level II. 

Keep the crystal in between your hands.

Draw Symbol No. 1 on the stones.

Affirmation “Clean this crystal from all kinds of negativities.”

This will clean the crystals from absorbed negative energies.

Then you need to energize the crystals.

Draw Symbol No. 1, 2, 3 and 1 again on the stones and give Reiki Healing to the stones for 10 mins.

This will energize the stones to use.

2. Salt water Cleaning

Salt is a natural disintegrator of negative energies. Washing your healing stones with salt water disintegrates the negative energies. This technique can only be done on few types of stones and crystals. Not all types of stones and crystals can be washed in salt water. If you are using stones a jewelry piece in the form of bracelet, mala or pendant then washing your stones in salt water will spoil the stones.  Salt leaves a residual on the stones.  So this cleaning technique is only recommended for stones in natural forms like clusters, pyramids, pencils, balls, etc.  You can also use a Selenite wand and place your stones to be cleaned near it for around 1 hour.

3. The Grounding Method

This is a very good technique to clean the Healing Stones from negative energies. You can put your stones in the roots of the plants and tree and in mud.  The stones need to be left in the roots and mud for around 8 hrs.  The precious and high priced jewelry pieces like bracelets, malas and pendants should not be cleaned with this technique.

4. Sunlight Method

Healing Stones and Crystals can be placed in natural sunlight for 1 hour in morning sunlight before 8 am for cleaning and restoring the natural healing properties of the stones. All the stones are not fit to be placed in direct sunlight and can fade away.

5. Moon Method

Healing Stones and Crystals can be placed in natural moonlight on a full moon night for cleaning and restoring the natural healing properties of the stones.

6. Cleaning and Energizing with other stones

Nature has provided a few healing stones and crystals which have the property of auto cleaning, they clean themselves and other stones and crystals placed around them. They are Clear Quartz and Carnelian.  So you can place a few tumble stones of clear quartz and carnelian in you stone jewelry box. After using the stones you can place it in the box and it will be ready with vibrant energy to use next morning.  These tumble stones can also be place around you big stones.

7. Sound Method

A very powerful way of cleaning and energizing the stones is with the help of singing bowl . Just play the singing bowl with the intention of cleaning the stones for few minutes. The sound vibrations form the singing bowl will disintegrate negative energies and charge the stones.

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