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by Maya TLM 11 Aug 2022


Here we are going to discuss about the crystals that heal liver related health problems.. We will meet 5 crystals that will help healing and it's method of use. 

Liver Healing Crystals

From alcohol to overuse of pharmaceutical medicines, the Liver bears the dark side of most addictions. In today’s world, it is next to impossible to avoid pleasures, most of which threaten your liver health.

We will discuss about 5 miraculous healing crystals that can heal manifolds of liver diseases from young to old, quickly. They are

1. Citrine
2. Sunstone
3. Red Aventurine
4. Pyrite
5. Malachite

So What are Liver Crystals?

Gemstones that aid in the restoration, repair and healing of liver are called liver crystals. Such crystals are made by the nature, especially to work with your liver. It can help in regeneration to complete healing of liver disorders including cancer.

3 Core Benefits of Liver Crystals

If you’re thinking of starting your experiments with crystals for liver, you need to know how gemstones affect your body. We will discuss the pros of liver crystals so that you can find the right use for it.


Crystals for your liver can combat disorders inside. Some crystal users have even witnessed cancer healing over the long course of their crystal rituals. Hence, liver crystals can help to heal your liver problems slowly.


The second benefit of crystals for liver is the miracles. Crystals can bring about a lot of miracles. One such is liver re-generation. Hundreds and thousands around the world have experienced the powers of crystals on liver.


Liver crystals also give you accelerated support. Simply put, these crystals will help to accelerate the powers of medicines you are prescribed. It can also help in Rehabilitation of patients of liver disorders.

For liver regeneration and vitality, specific crystals can provide maximum help while others can provide support or amplification.

If you’ve already consulted your healthcare practitioner and have medicines for the condition, these crystals can alleviate your sickness sooner than normal. Moreover, diseases like Grade 1 Fatty Liver and impairment can be comprehensively treated using these crystals.


Using a pointed citrine crystal or tumbled stone to rub your solar plexus chakra gently removes fatty deposits on the liver, also making it more active. By removing toxins from your liver and body, citrine also relieves physical ailments such as pain in the upper neck as well as digestion.

Wear this citrine ring if your ultrasound popped out with a Grade 1 Fatty Liver.
Do it thrice whenever you feel pain.
Wear the ring after.


A little known healing crystal powerful to redraft your liver cells, sunstone is a powerful liver healing stone for people suffering from threatening sicknesses such as liver sclerosis. Keep the crystal on your liver area for 30 minutes every day after waking up and before bed for speeding the recovery.

Sunstone wearers such as that of this rare sunstone crystal also gain a drastic increase of Red Blood Cells and crystal energy in the blood.

How to Use Sunstone?

Place the crystal in your right palm.
Close it with the left.
Chant the affirmation to cleanse your liver.
Place it over the area of your liver.
Leave it undisturbed for 30 minutes.
Do it before and after sleep.


A powerful detoxification crystal, red aventurine is renowned for strengthening liver cells while eliminating the toxic deposits on it. Red Aventurine wearers are blessed with clean liver cells as the powerful red crystal energy of this bestseller aventurine crystal flushes out 100% toxins from liver ASAP!

Remember to wear this red aventurine pendant concealed under the clothes on the Solar Plexus for maximum healing effects.

How to Use Red Aventurine?

When you feel the stone is energized, place it on all the 7 chakras, one after another.
Finish it by leaving the stone on your root chakra for 30 minutes to flush out toxins.


A coffee coloured healing crystal with cleansing powers more potent than coffee beans, Pyrite flushes out toxins from your nephrons to boost the bladder control and emissions out of the body. The clean and transparent nature of pyrite helps in clarifying diseased nooks or crannies in the body as well.

Wearing this pyrite bracelet on you brings luck in addition to perfect liver health, even if you’ve been an alcoholic for life!

How to Use Pyrite?

Chant your affirmations to charge the stone for 3 minutes.
Place the pyrite on your right ankle.
Close your eyes and feel the energy of the crystal rising through your body.
Now place it on your left ankle.
Do it every evening before sleep.


Yet another healing colour energy, rarely seen in green crystals, malachite powers the liver to release blocks on its own. Malachite absorbs the poison in your liver and boosts your immunity too. Wearing this malachite will cool and detox your liver quickly too.

How to Use Malachite?

Do it whenever you’re feeling hopeless about the disease.
Malachite will flush out as much toxin as it can.

From Liver cirrhosis to fatty Liver and weakness of Immune System, Liver Crystals can exhibit all-round healing in your body. If one of your loved ones is a heavy alcoholic, gift them one of the above eleven healing crystals and save their life, TODAY!! Don’t forget to clean your crystals at the end of each day for flawless positivity. It's really very important.

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