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by Maya TLM 29 Aug 2022


Do you want gemstones for helping you set clear and practical goals that you can achieve? So today we will discuss about 11 crystals and how to achieve goals using them. Let's achieve our goals together with some beautiful crystals.

From keeping you motivated to enthusiastic and clear-headed, there are many qualities of using gemstones for achieving ambitions. Gemstones are just like us and if you can bond tightly with a gemstone, you can harness superhuman energies to strengthen your actions!

Best Healing Crystals for Setting Goals and Achieving it, Also referred to as manifestation crystals, gemstones for setting goals are powerful energies that can change your course of life. Crystals for goal setting and achievement help to resolve imbalances of the chakra points before transforming your perspective and actions.

Lets pick one crystal that best applies to your goals.

1. Amethyst for Commitment

A third eye chakra stone, amethyst is a power-up gemstone when you’re trying to set your goals. The purple energy of amethyst helps to keep the user dedicated to the original goal without distractions. Referred to as grounding, Amethyst owes its multifaceted energies owing to the Crown Chakra Power.

2. Citrine for Focus

If you’ve been finding it hard to keep your eyes straight at the goal, another gemstone that can boost your listening and comprehension skills is the gemstone citrine. A Solar plexus chakra stone, citrine helps the wearer harness the divine energy to concentrate on achieving your target.

3. Red Carnelian for Luck

When you’re trying hard, a bit of luck can cut the hassle unimaginably. This is why, carnelian is crucial for those who find it easy to fall into trouble. A root chakra stone, carnelian sets right what cannot be rectified with the human eye. It also awakens the life force via sacral chakra and grabs the opportunities quickly.

4. Rose Quartz for Truth


A little hope goes a long way when you’re working hard to achieve your aims. That’s why, we have included the mellow energy of rose quartz in your goal setting sessions to help your goal attract positive energy from the people and environment around.

5. Moonstone for Intuition

Ideal to tickle the crown chakra powers, moonstone is a powerful divination stone that consequently awakens the divine chakra of the third eye as well. Moonstone is a gemstone of the ancient magic. When used for setting goals, Moonstone helps to find best practical options to succeed the target.

6. Red Jasper for Problem Solving

Red Jasper is yet another divination stone capable of sharpening your focus, commitment and deduction skills. Jasper hones the mind of the user by continuously resolving tiny problems with expertise around.

If you’re looking for a little elf for a gemstone, Jasper should be your choice!

7. Sunstone for Success

Here's Why You Should Know about Crystals For Setting Goals

Another stone from the stars, sunstone is a true beauty and mystery gem. Sunstone is a balancing stone that attracts well-being by activating the Solar Plexus energies. The best power of sunstone is its ability to awaken the life force or sacral chakra. When programmed with the right chakras, sunstone attracts good fortune, wealth and prosperity.

8. Lapis Lazuli for Wisdom

If you’re looking for a gemstone that will enlighten you and show you the right way out of your chaotic life, lapis lazuli is going to be your BFF for life! A life-changing stone, blue lapis lazuli is a Third Eye Chakra stone that awakens the spiritual eye in the user.

Using lapis lazuli on your desk while drafting goals will attract knowledge towards you, in the long run.

9. Clear quartz for Enthusiasm

An amulet bag with a wide array of gemstones cannot save you if clear quartz is not beside you during the important decisions of your professional life. As clear quartz is a root and heart chakra stone, it pumps the wearer with positive energy and passion towards the project!

10. Malachite for Purification

If you’ve been feeling guilty or toxic towards your work, it is best to use a gemstone that can purify your holographic image in the back of the head with cleansing energies. Malachite comforts the wearer using its heart chakra energies that also ejects the negativity out of the chakra energy channels.

11. Pyrite for Protection

A tad bit of security against psychic harms always works for the best when you’re on the journey to achieve something important. Pyrite is a powerful guardian stone that helps in activating root chakra energies that creates a psychic bubble around the person.

Using crystal programming, wand massage, grid or elixir, the above 11 crystals can help you set your goals as well as achieve it. If you can see yourself realistically taking all of the steps between where you are now and where you want to be, then you can achieve your goal. This doesn’t mean that you need to know everything before you start as you can learn as you go along, but it is important to take consistent action and keep trying new things if what you are doing isn’t working out.

All goals come with their own obstacles and there may be a point when it seems that nothing you do is working. This is just the universes way of seeing how serious you are about achieving your goal and its important to keep going and not lose sight of your vision. Sometimes the timing is not right for a particular goal and if this is the case its best not try and force yourself to keep going or to give up completely but to take a step back and come up with new ideas or wait for a time when you feel more supported.

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