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Crystals for Arthritis and Joint Pain


by Crystal Healer 06 Sep 2021

Arthritis, which means “joint inflammation”, is a general term for over 100 different joint disorders with symptoms ranging from mild aches and pains to severe swelling and crippling pain. 

Arthritis is not easy to live with. It breaks the bones and the spirit. While most people say there is no permanent cure for it, we’ve found the one with maximum success score. That’s why turning to Crystals for arthritis relief is crucial. It is safe and filled with the healing powers for your pain.

When you use the power of healing crystals, you use the power of the cosmos itself. You can empower the root chakra crystals for rheumatoid arthritis if you want crystal healing. In addition to curing you from arthritis, crystals can also make you healthier. It can get rid of the chronic pain and discomfort you feel in the joints. 

Explore the complete reasons and ways to use crystals for arthritis like a pros!


To decide the right crystal for your arthritis, you must try bonding with multiple crystals. Ideally, root chakra is your savior. But, if root chakra stones are bonding easily, use the help of heart chakra crystals. Or if you have painful arthritis, use a mix of root and heart chakras to find healing.


Azurite is an ethereal gemstone of the glitzy indigo color, the healing energies of azurite can light your path and heal your nerves. It is a rejuvenating gemstone filled with powers to enrich your willpower in addition to arthritis cure. 

Azurite is known for treating arthritis, osteoporosis and bone degeneration. It is powered by the brow energy that helps you evade dangers and repel the evil energy from your aura. It is also good for extreme tiredness, joint pain, alignment of the spine and works on a cellular level to restore circulation. 

Azurite is the stone of the heavens so it is guaranteed to cover your pain with a powerful spiritual experience. Keep it with you when meditating to empower your body and mind for higher healing.

Chakra : Third Eye Chakra

Location : In between the Brows or On your throat

How to Use Azurite Crystals for Arthritis :

  • Take your Azurite Crystal and cleanse it.

  • Now do a crystal smudging with Azurite on the affected area.

How to Use Azurite Crystals for Osteoporosis :

  • Pick your Azurite

  • Place it on your yoga mat.

  • Meditate for ten minutes with Azurite stones for Osteoporosis


Red Carnelian is a unique stone that stimulates the flow of life force throughout your body. This blood mover promotes movement of life force and vital energy. It is useful for treating fertility, rigidity, impotence, low back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, lower back problems, neuralgia, joint pain, and depression. It also increases blood flow and heals bones and ligaments. 

How to Use Red Carnelian for Joint pain :

  • By rubbing the Red carnelian in the affected area


Chrysocolla is a cooling stone and strengthens muscles and alleviates muscle cramps. It relieves arthritis, bone disorders and muscle spasms. It re-oxygenates blood on a cellular level. Chrysocolla is used to treat ailments of the lungs, muscles, back, stomach, hips, and throat. It lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, aids digestion, treats asthma, rheumatism and arthritis. 


Malachite is another soothing crystal synonymous with Mother’s Love. The most interesting thing is that Malachite is a complete miracle crystal and makes a new you as it can repair the DNA and your cell structure to heal sources of pain.

Malachite eliminates degeneration of bones in adults. It promotes growth and builds strength, both emotionally and physically. It draws out pain associated with arthritis and joint pain. It aligns DNA and cellular structure, enhancing the immune system. It I also used of a number of ailments such as high blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy, vertigo, tumors, and cancer. 


When you’re struck with arthritis, finding energy and strength is hard. That’s why use Black tourmaline as the crystal helps in healing tissues and revitalizing you. Black tourmaline can penetrate your root chakra with the earth element energies it has. 

Black Tourmaline, is a remedy for debilitating diseases. It strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia, joint pain and arthritis, provides pain relief and helps align the spinal column. It is another protection crystal you need to use if your shoulder pain is resistant to all the medicines. If pain has been with you for the long run, getting rid of it can open your horizons physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Chakra : Root Chakra

How to use Black Tourmaline Crystals for Arthritis?

  • Cleanse the Black Tourmaline Crystal

  • Now do a crystal massage on the affected area

How to Use Black Tourmaline Crystals for Shoulder Pain?

  • Cleanse the Black Tourmaline Crystal

  • Keep it on the shoulder area where it pains

  • Chant your affirmations for 20 minutes. 


Rose Quartz, yet another pain relief healing crystal necessary for arthritis, and it can change the life as you know it. Your patience to pain and suffering will change with the nourishment of Rose Quartz crystals if you have arthritis. Rose quartz can heal your heart and attract care or love towards you.

The stone of pain-free life, rose quartz empowers you to alleviate hip pain like nothing else. When massaged with rose quartz on the affected area, you can feel relief and healing simultaneously.

Rose Quartz is also helpful with pain relief associated with skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, gout or burns. With a natural cooling effect and anti-inflammatory, it makes it an ideal aid for sunburns, psoriasis or other skin inflammatory disorders. Rose Quartz also helps to improve kidney function and assists the body in eliminating excess fluids.

Chakra : Heart Chakra

Location : Over your heart on the chest

How to use Rose Quartz Crystals for Arthritis?

  • Cleanse the Rose quartz Crystal

  • Now do a crystal bath with it.

How to Use Rose Quartz Crystals for Hip Pain?

  • Pick your Rose quartz

  • Place it on hip

  • Now tie a silk cloth around it.

  • Keep it in the same place for 4 hours.


Clear quartz is one of the essential crystals for healing joint pain, it helps to awaken your crown chakra. It is a stone of purity that cleanses you out of all the negativity and toxins. These crystals can penetrate the skin cells and into the joints. You can use it for crystal massages to eradicate pain in your knees.

Chakra : Crown Chakra

Location : Above your head

How to Use Clear Quartz for Knee Pain?

  • Pick your Clear quartz

  • Place it on your knee.

  • Rub the clear quartz in a circular motion on your knee.

  • Continue for ten minutes.


Yet another important pain relief crystal gift for bone strength, amazonite works wonders for older people. It can coat the pain with relief as well as help in realizing cures for the pain themselves. Amazonite is the best crystal to keep in a child’s room for bone power.

When you soak or have an elixir bath with amazonite crystals, it penetrates your skin and seeps into the bones to strengthen them. Try it on your next bath and find the relief you deserve using mid chakra powers. Amazonite baths once a week and empower and align all your chakras too.

Chakra : Throat and Heart Chakra

Location : On your throat or over your heart

How to Use Amazonite Crystals for Strengthening Bones?

  • Pick your Amazonite

  • Place it in your bath-tub

  • Soak in the bathtub for 20 minutes with Amazonite in it.


When your tendons become inflamed, it can come out as tennis elbow and many other types of pain. Citrine is a multi- chakra crystal effective for relieving your tendons. It can decrease the inflammation and cure you from inside.

All you need to heal or speed the recovery of tendonitis with healing crystals by chanting your affirmative mantras while keeping the stone on the ailing area. Citrine uplifts the life force and healing power to link with the higher realms and cure you. It is a pain relief stone that keeps you healthy and wise about your diet too.

Chakra : Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Crown Chakra

Location : Middle of the spine, Pelvis or Above the Head

How to Use Citrine Crystals for Tendonitis?

  • Pick your Citrine

  • Cleanse it and put it on the ailing position.

  • Spend 30 minutes under the full moonlight in this position.


A Crystal made to find your dark side as well as empower you, black obsidian is a must have protection stone. If you’ve got betraying people with you, black obsidian can avert the spiritual danger from your life.

Black obsidian healing stones for shoulder pain works well to speed the process of recovery. So, don’t jump on the meds. Just keep a black obsidian close to you or meditate with it on your root chakra every once in a while to prevent shoulder pain forever.

How to Use Black Obsidian Crystals for Shoulder Pain?

  • Clean your Black Obsidian

  • Keep it on the shoulder area where it pains.

  • Chant your affirmations for 20 minutes.


Amethyst, the Master Healer, is a high vibration stone that is very beneficial in reducing pain. Besides smoking and pollution, there are many another trigger to a blocked throat and brain power. Your evil thoughts, negative energy, depressive sentiments and disastrous take on life can add to madness and stress. It can help you recognize the poor sitting or sleeping posture to change your lifestyle too.

Amethyst essential penetrates your ethereal chakra of the crown to penetrate and fill you with energy. The same energy is powerful to eject the toxins when kept on the neck if you’re suffering from neck pain.

This crystal can also help reduce pain from arthritis, migraines, injury, or metabolic issues. Amethyst helps in managing and reducing the pain or discomfort. Amethyst is also beneficial in reducing stress and overcoming insomnia.

How to Use Amethyst Crystals for Neck Pain?

  • Clean your Amethyst

  • Place it on the neck area where it pains.

  • Chant your affirmations for 20 minutes. 


All these crystals are 100% original and natural. Nature imprints its contours on its creation so be happy to accept crack marks, holes and color variations in your collection. This assures that its 100% natural and Authentic.

Information provided is learnt from experience of various healers to help healers/ believers. This is any case is not any alternative to medical advice.

Use of the product is the personal choice of the user and the result cannot be guaranteed.

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