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by Maya TLM 04 Oct 2022

Whether you need to take a giant leap in your self-esteem or if you are just looking for a little confidence boost to get you to that next level, crystals can help. Confidence can be a tricky beast – sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t, and sometimes we just need a little shake to get us back on track. Confidence can affect everything. Let’s delve in and find out which are the best crystals for confidence…

Confidence It can help us to make decisions that are in-line with our heart, it can help us to attract the love that we deserve, and it can propel us onto different pathways in life, making sure we don’t miss out on the ample opportunity that is waiting for us. On the other hand, self-doubt holds us back and can make us question our personal power and lead to low self-esteem.

There are times when we can be our own worst enemy and fall into patterns of self-sabotage. By calling into power the properties of healing crystals, you can tune in to those higher vibrations, embrace positive thinking, and learn to see yourself in a healthier, more accepting, and radiant light.

The art of confidence comes from deep within. It’s a belief that you have value and that you bring that value into the world. When our confidence is high we are connected to our authenticity, we bring our own spark and a sense of magic that impacts all that we do. The best thing about confidence is it can become a habit and the more you call it into being, the better at it you will be. To help you get there, here are some of our favourite crystals for boosting your esteem.

So The Best Crystals for Confidence and Self-Empowerment

Sunstone The stone of empowerment

Sunstone is a bright and fiery crystal that is said to be connected to happiness, hopefulness, and light, which are all things that the sun itself represents. This pretty orangey-red crystal is connected to both the sacral and solar plexus chakras which are the chakras that are worked on when you need a confidence boost as they are central to keeping us stabilized in our cores and to build on in higher chakras. As vibrant and hopeful as the sun’s rays, sunstone is a sure-fire way to help instil confidence and even just make you smile!

Citrine for a positive take.

Associated with positivity and joy, citrine is an excellent go-to crystal. Pick up this yellow crystal to feel more confident by focusing on the positive things that are happening in your life. This happy crystal is also connected to the solar plexus chakra, the chakra that is most closely associated with confidence.

Carnelian for activating the lower chakras.

The stone of creativity and endurance makes this gem a top pick when it comes to taking action. Said to activate your first three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus), Carnelian helps you to build your foundation which is essential for building confidence, releasing self-doubt, and overcoming low self-esteem. This orangey-red stone is a must for those who need a push to start taking action in their lives.

Rose Quartz for quiet compassion and heart strength.

A little bit of self-love is always a bonus when it comes to confidence, because without any love for yourself, how can one expect to feel confident? Both are inherently linked. Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals, mostly because of its beautiful pink appearance and also because it’s the stone of unconditional love. Associated with the heart chakra, rose quartz is not only a great all-round crystal but also great as a confidence booster.

Amazonite The stone of hope and success

Most commonly known as the stone of hope and success, Amazonite brings a soothing feel to your crystal collection because of its gentle blue colour. Associated with the heart and throat chakra, Amazonite assists in your self-confidence through building your courage and is said to be a plug to stop your confidence and courage from leaking.

Tiger’s Eye for shaking off fears.

Named the stone of the mind, tiger’s eye is famous for helping you to see clearly through your own bullshit and self-doubt to build your self-esteem. Tiger’s eye is a beautiful brown/gold colour and provides confidence through focus and insight.

Black Tourmaline The stone of stability

Black tourmaline, as the name suggests, is solid black and is known as a stone that protects you by warding off negative energies. Whether it does or not, who knows, but this beautiful gem is a great-looking crystal for your collection as it’s an ideal all-rounder. Black tourmaline is said to help in grounding as well, which is a key component to confidence and finding your sense of self. Without solid grounding, it’s difficult to build your self-worth up.

Clear Quartz for mental strength

Clear quartz is another popular crystal and another beauty. Clear quartz is said to strengthen whatever stones are around it, but on its own it’s said to have healing properties as well. Pick up this crystal to connect more to your intuition, a great connection to have not only for self-confidence but for self-belief too.

Moonstone for new beginnings

Known as the stone of new beginnings, moonstone is a wonderful choice for self-belief and self-esteem as it is a great representation for yourself that you’re not starting over, just starting a new chapter in your life. It is also said to help in easing fear and is a gentle stone as it’s associated with, as the name suggests, the moon.

Green Aventurine for bold decision making.

This wealthy stone does a lot more than just attract luck, it also brings a burst of confidence to bang down your door. Green aventurine is a heart chakra stone that stirs up the hardiness in your heart too. Hardiness doesn’t have to be negative; this stone is all about will, strength, space, and finding the courage tucked deep inside. For those who feel they are forever stuck in a rut and want to shift some stale energy or find new thought patterns to propel them forward. Green aventurine clears the heart space and calls the solar plexus, throat, and the third eye into connection too, granting you clear channels to flow.

Green Jade for joy and moving out of co-dependence.

This stone has centuries of history connected to radiant health, riding a lucky streak, and basking in the glow of gorgeous self-confidence. This stone is a protective talisman, meaning that just having it close is enough to give you a little more spring in your step as you know it is sure to keep you safe. Green jade also turns up the dial on your self-sufficiency levels which grants you the wisdom and the confidence to become the master of your own making. Also known as the dream stone, Green Jade is awesome for when you want to stir up those long-dormant dreams and move out of co-dependent behaviours.

Lapis Lazuli for communicating clearly.

This stone is connected to the third eye chakra, the place that helps us to tap into our own limitless intuition. No matter what the world throws at us, somewhere deep inside we have the answer and Lapis invites us to find and trust that instinct wholeheartedly. It also connects with the throat chakra, the place that holds all our truths. For those times when struggling with communication. When we are able to open the throat chakra and communicate our needs and desires with the world, Lapis lazuli lifts us up to a whole new place of perfect confidence as we feel heard and understood.

How to Use Crystals ?

While there is no set way to use crystals and is more so based on what feels good for you, here are some ways that you can incorporate using crystals in your life and routine.

Use them for decoration; think beside your bed or on your desk at work, alternatively, you can even create an altar and place them there along with other spiritual possessions.

Sleep with them under your pillow. While I don’t believe this makes any difference, having the reminder before bed as you place your crystal and then again when you take it out from under your pillow in the morning is a great way to be reminded of your intentions.

Wear them as pieces of jewellery.

Meditate with them, either sit them around you or hold them.

Use them as a part of a ritual such as a new moon ritual or a full moon ritual.

Carry one around in your bag.

Have them around you as you journal or place them on your journal.

Place them in the water you use in a bath or to wash your face (be sure you clean the crystals first though!).

Confidence isn’t always something we are born with, sometimes we need to go out there and seize it for ourselves. It’s a trait that certainly takes time, patience, effort, and work and this is where crystals can help to hone your skills. Confidence comes with embracing who we are, shaking off the myths of being too much or not enough, and trusting ourselves and our instincts inherently. When we find that pot of self-confidence gold we can be bolder in our decisions and we can step forward into living our fullest lives. Go forth and prosper.

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