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by Maya TLM 27 Sep 2022

Bad habits or behaviours are hard to break. We all know this, whether we’ve failed our latest diet, picked up another cigarette or been drawn to our social media feed, yet again. Choosing to act differently and to change our behaviour patterns is almost impossibly hard to do in today’s world. So Let's find out which Crystal will help you to stop bad habits.

So why do we keep on returning to these negative behaviour patterns? If you have a bad habit, it is because you are being rewarded for it in some way…all behaviour is either rewarded or punished, which increases or decreases the chance of us repeating that behaviour. If you smoke or drink you are rewarded with stress relief and release. If you hit your head against the wall, you will get a headache….simple reward or punishment.

Our brains are constantly barraged by sensations and information to make us crave and consume. More so today than ever before in history. It all comes down to trigger, behaviour and reward…. reward-based patterns involve a trigger like feeling hungry, followed by a behaviour eating) and a reward (feeling full). We want to do more of the things that feel good and less of the things that feel bad. This behaviour increases when we are stressed.

These three components trigger, behaviour, and reward show up every time we smoke that cigarette, eat a chocolate, or check our social media feed when we’re stressed. Each time we reach out for something to make ourselves feel better, we reinforce the action, until it becomes automatic. This is how habits are formed.

So why can’t we just control ourselves and decide to create new habits? Scientists and doctors have suggested that our ability to control our emotions and actions is lessened when we are stressed. How many of us have turned to the fridge, yelled at a family member or had that extra glass of wine, when our bodies and emotions feel under attack. This is all good and well when our bad habits are small distractions to our day, like not making our beds when we get up, talking with food in our mouths or biting our nails. But when the habits become negatively life changing or dangerous, that’s when we really need to try and break through the behaviour and change those patterns.

The good news is that it is possible to rewire the brain to change those bad habits, through things like modern medicine, therapy or more alternative mindfulness methods including crystal healing.. When you finally break a bad habit, there is a sense of freedom that washes over you. So let’s dive right in and take a look at some of the wonderful crystal gifts from God that can help you break that bad habit for good!


It is one of the most well-known crystals for helping break bad habits and encouraging positive routines. It is a wonderfully powerful and protective healing crystal that is extremely helpful when trying to deal with cravings, overindulgence, and supporting sobriety in the face of addictions. Known as an “anti-drunkenness” stone, Amethyst balances the highs and lows of emotion, and helps to deal with the anger, irritation rage, fear and insecurity that comes with trying to break old habits or addictions. Amethyst overcomes negativity and blockages of all kinds and helps you to feel focused and less scattered and fearful. It’s, like, the most well-known crystal for helping us to break out of bad habits.

Since ancient times, Romans used to create goblets made of Amethyst because it was well-known as an anti-drunkenness stone. They would make the goblets of Amethyst so that the rulers & leaders could just drink and drink and drink; get everybody else stinking drunk & incapacitated, but they wouldn’t be drunk themselves, thereby able to take total advantage of situations! Amethyst indeed has those kind of “will-power-boosting” properties, so that you don’t want to do those things you’re trying to break free of: whether it be soda, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol…whatever it is that is bad for you, that we consider a bad habit.

Red Carnelian

Red carnelian is a high energy stabilizing stone which helps to give you the courage and support to make life changing positive choices. It can boost energy and stamina especially when you are feeling really tired and worn down by negative, repetitious life habits.

Carnelian is helpful in reminding you of your passion for life and helping you define your goals and ambition so as to find your best direction forward. It allows you to get to the essence of you and of what makes you tick so as to understand and then overcome negative conditioning, and learned bad habits. It gives you the motivation, drive and courage to move forward and make those changes. Carnelian holds you steady, moment by moment, in the present reality, imparting a quiet acceptance of the cycles of life. Removing extraneous thoughts during meditation, it also tunes habitual daydreamers into everyday life, encouraging decisive action.



With the power of the sun, Citrine is warming and energizing and fills you with Joy and positivity. It helps to promote motivation, creativity and self-expression. It revitalises the mind improving concentration, releasing negative thought patterns, allowing you to have good, clear, positive thinking and be emotionally balanced. As a result it is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias so often linked to bad habits. It is also very helpful with destructive tendencies, rage and anger. Bad habits are often pointed out to us by others and are the cause of people being critical, judgmental and sometimes hurtful. Citrine helps to raise your self-esteem and self-confidence making you less sensitive to these criticisms and more open to the positive steps that you need to take to change them.


Another stone that’s really great to help you kind of look for the root cause of what’s holding you back, or what’s making you rely on these bad habits is Amazonite. It’s a good reminder of your goals, and what you’re moving towards…breaking those bad habits.

So how to use this crystals and what to do ?

Gaze into a Amethyst with half-closed eyes. Feel its energy growing larger until it totally surrounds you. It strips away all your pre-conditioning and outgrown patterns, and takes you into a place of perfection. Be still. Feel the new pattern moving into the spaces between your cells and the energetic layers of your aura.

If you are pondering a difficult decision, make a list of the pros and cons of each possible outcome. Before you go to sleep, put the list under the crystal and then forget about it. When you wake in the morning, you will have made your decision.

Whenever you become aware of a craving or an overwhelming desire, take out your crystals and hold it tightly. Gaze intently into its tip. Smile. Squeeze the crystal and then loosen your grip. As you do so, repeat to yourself, ‘I choose to let go, I let go, I let go. I break the cycle. I choose freedom.’ Smile again.

Drink elixir when ever you feel to do the bad habits.

Start saying affirmations by holding your crystals. Like

I was not made to be subtle and I'll let go this habit and say the habit that you want to let go.
I am proud of who i am and who i am becoming
I am a magnet to positive energy
Changing my behaviour is as easy as changing my thoughts.
I always do what is best for my body.

Remember that we are all human, and with humanity comes imperfection. We will never manage to overcome all of our bad habits…some of them may even be comforting and self soothing. As long as they are not doing harm to ourselves or other’s we can learn to live with them and maybe even embrace them as part of our wonderful humanity and God given imperfectness. And also remember that if you need a health practitioners help then don't hesitate to go with them.

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