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by Maya TLM 21 Sep 2022

Career is the occupation that we choose for the rest of our life. Our career is the reflection of the education that we had and sometimes its our talent. Our career is the factor that decides what our future will be. Are you sure your career is successful. Or is it going the way you wants to be. If you are not sure about that, then We will discuss what to do. Let's find out together about the crystals that will help you in your Career.

The workplace environment can be quite stressful and filled with negative energies from clients or co-workers that can affect your entire workday. And even the most confident career women and men can have some off days and who can blame them? But, if you are an ambitious career worker with huge dreams for your future, then don’t go through it alone! Keep yourself open from little assistance with powerful crystals for career success.

Whether you wish to avoid doubt, stress, and negativity or want to stay grounded in a professional setting or wish to have the confidence to give your career an extra boost, there are some of the best crystals for career success, helping you become the true trailblazer, regardless of what your job is.


Commonly referred to as the abundance stone or merchant’s stone, citrine has powerful properties that attract money and career and financial success.
This brightly-coloured crystal is an excellent partner for new entrepreneurs, aligning you with wealth and abundance and has a notorious reputation of attracting prosperity to its user.

Carrying or wearing a citrine regularly can help attract money while also encouraging you to explore new opportunities and possibilities for the improvement of your career. The stone also helps promote joy and inner peace, blocking out negative energy to keep you confident and positive all workday long.

Citrine is also associated with the Sun, giving you an extra boost of confidence to take with you on promotional reviews or job interviews. It also keeps you emotionally balanced in order to overcome any work challenges while bringing good luck to any task or project you’re working on.

2. Sunstone

Sunstone is the crystal that promotes career success and is related to wealth and good fortune. It is also known as a lucky stone that brings countless opportunities such as new and exciting responsibilities or a promotion.

Not only that, but this powerful stone also helps inspire a great personal strength, which improves your ability to be firm, stand up to yourself and say what needs to be said. In short, Sunstone removes the fear of speaking your mind and clears a path for your truest self to shine and stand.

3. Carnelian

A friendly and warm crystal, carnelian can boost your motivation and self-confidence. It is almost like having a close friend by your side, cheering and guiding you on every step of your career.

Thanks to its warm red and orange tones, the crystal features and reflects uplifting energy that brings positivity and cheerfulness into your daily stressful work life. It allows you to be brave and face your work-related fears— whether it is the pressure of a huge project or a big meeting with the boss. Whatever it is, the carnelian crystal should be by your side giving off a positive and optimistic vibe to get you going.

4. Pyrite

Every professional individual will have moments of doubt. And if you recently find yourself feeling you are not worthy of any wealth and success, then pyrite should help change your thoughts.

Literally looking like gold, pyrite is like a golden nugget of wisdom. With its shiny-mirror like quality, this stone encourages you to look at yourself and see your worth. Also, this is one of the most popular crystal for money and career advancement since it helps you through financial hardships and attract wealth.

Pyrite helps you by forcing golden wisdom and confidence in making your financial and career decisions, fostering wealth in both larger and subtle ways.

5. Selenite

Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, reminiscent of majestic ice crystals formed in hidden caves, but the selenite also offers a powerful cleansing ability.
With this one of the best crystals for career success next to you, it shall penetrate any stagnant, stale or negative energy and completely removing it, leaving your workspace refreshed without any negative inhibitors.


Not only that, but selenite also helps in connecting with your intuitions. It helps you listen to your inner voice and pushing you to follow its guidance towards career success. Also, the crystal works wonders for the most sensitive individuals, providing balance throughout their professional life and workspace.

6. Green Aventurine

Also called the stone of opportunity, the green aventurine is known to be the luckiest of all crystals. This bright green stone helps attract and manifest prosperity, abundance and wealth into your life.

For career advancement, green aventurine can help you release old habits, destructive behaviours and removing disappointments so that change and new growth can take place. The stone also allows you to embrace changes in your life and help you move forward with confidence.


Not only that, but the stone is also known to boost leadership qualities, increasing new opportunities to come to your way or chances of promotion. Furthermore, green aventurine enhances motivation and creativity, allowing you to bring new ideas, innovations and the ability to take improved or new actions in the workplace.

7. Tiger’s Eye

If you feel stuck on your current position or need to shift to a new perspective for projects or tasks at hand, then look no further than the mighty Tiger's eye. This is one of the best crystals for career success. This powerful, multidimensional crystal reminds you that there are a lot of ways to get things done.

When you start to get only one point of view in your career, connect with the beneficial energies of the Tiger’s eye in order to see the situation with a new pair of eyes, reminding you that there are several paths and ways towards career success.

In addition, the stone should also give you the motivation and willpower needed in order to take action and achieve success. Plus, it helps you stay calm even in a chaotic or hectic work schedule and giving you the ability to be a successful leader.

8. Green Jade

Since ancient times, green jade has always been one of the most recognized stones for harmony, wisdom, and prosperity. It is considered to be a lucky stone like the green aventurine and promotes a good flow of abundance and prosperity in your professional lives.

If you are thinking to take the new step on your career, a new project or a new business, then you need to plan your financial longevity. For such reason, green jade is the crystal you need. This one of the best crystals for career success will help you stay wise, pushing you to remain consistent and work towards your prosperity goals.

How to Use Crystals For Career Success

There are various ways on how you can use crystals to encourage career success.

Placing the stone in your office desk or window in order to enjoy its beneficial healing properties as you work throughout the day. Whenever you feel tired or negative, you can touch or look at the crystal in order to feel its vibrational energies.

You can also use these crystals as elixirs to harness their powerful and positive energies.

Probably the easiest and most common way to use crystals for success is to carry it with you in your pocket, wallet or purse. This ensures that you can benefit from the powerful energies of the crystal wherever you go.

If you don’t want to just hide these beautiful crystals on your purse or pocket, consider wearing them as pieces of jewellery. Keep in mind which chakra they are associated with and wear them near so you can benefit more. For instance, for crystals that open your throat chakra, you can wear it as a pendant or necklaces, dangling on your neck near your throat.

In order to help you focus on wealth, boost your self-esteem and confidence or just want to feel some sense of calmness in a hectic workplace, you can use these crystals while meditating.

We all dream to be successful and being financially stable doing what we are passionate about and totally excel it. And while there are several tools that you can use to advance your career, healing crystals are some of the simplest and most effective ways to rejuvenate your professional energies.

With helpful crystals that we talked about, in addition to the right attitude, you get to sky-rocket your professional career and feel more successful and better than ever before.

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