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Crystals for Each Day


by Crystal Healer 06 Sep 2021

Gems and their magical vibes make us wonder how colourful and mystical nature can be, hiding so many mysteries beneath it. These sparkling stones are believed to have powers that can bring positivity and various other benefits into the wearer’s life. As most of these stones are associated with the months of a year as well as different zodiac signs, they are also said to have some association with each day of the week. Each day of the week is assigned one or more unique gemstones, and these gems are different from the month-wise ones.

However, what could be the reason behind this association? According to some beliefs, all the week-days were originally named after the Sun, the Moon, and the five great planets of the Solar System. It is believed that wearing gems related to these days allows the wearer to invoke the energy of these respective planets and divinities. To summon this energy, people often wear or carry one of the gems on the associated day of the week. Wearing gemstone jewelry or keeping a gemstone in your pocket in this way is also said to work like a charm of good luck and protection. These gems can also help one ease into the day and work more efficiently through whatever the day brings.

Let us take a quick look at the gemstone(s) associated with each day of the week and their significance:


The energy of the Sun is said to rule Sunday. Topaz is the most popular stone to be associated with Sunday, and its yellow shade is believed to represent solar energy. Western astrologers also suggest other Sunstone, Yellow Calcite, Citrine, Amber, and Heliodor. However, according to Vedic astrology, Ruby and Diamond are the gems for Sunday. It is recommended to wear a Ruby on this day to experience the energies of honour and vitality. Wearing rubies also help counterbalance health problems like colds, the flue or circulatory ailments.

Energy Representation: Brave, Masculine, Dominant. 


The Moon and its calming energy rules Monday. Pearl is associated with Monday as it is often considered a Moon symbol because of its lustre. Pearl is said to be a symbol of perfection and purity as well as of longevity and fertility. Vedic astrologers suggest the gem to experience the qualities of nurturance and emotional peace. It is also believed that wearing pearls can reduce tension and improve the atmosphere. Western astrology recommends several other stones for Monday such as Moonstone, Aquamarine and Selenite.

Energy Representation: Intuitive, Emotional,  Feminine, Sympathetic. 


Tuesday is ruled by the energy of the red planet Mars. According to Vedic astrology, Red Coral is assigned to Tuesday to sense the martial quality of courage. This gemstone is said to have the power of healing and helps with blood ailments and inflammations of all kinds. Ruby is also considered to be the gemstone for Tuesday by some. Western astrologers recommend other red and brownish stones for this day, like Garnet, Jasper, Carnelian, Bloodstone and Lodestone.

Energy Representation: Courageous, Passionate, Motivated.


Known as the prince amongst planets, Mercury rules Wednesday. According to some astrologers, Amethyst is the gemstone for Wednesday, and it is a symbol of protection and purification. It helps keep negative energy away. However, Vedic astrology assigns the Emerald to be the gem for Wednesday. Emerald is known to stabilize the activity of the mind. It encourages growth, peace and balance. Western astrology suggests several other stones for this day, such as Peridot, Green Aventurine, Howlite, Agate and Lodestone.

Energy Representation: Witty, Scientist, Inventor, Healthy.


The largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter, rules Thursday. According to various astrology including the Vedic one, Yellow Sapphire is assigned to Thursday. Sapphire is the symbol of prosperity, knowledge and wisdom. The pure yellow colour of this precious gem is said to clear the mind and open up the spirit of the wearer. Western astrology connects other stones to this day like Carnelian, Blue Apatite, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise.

Energy Representation: Leader, Spiritual Seeker, Wisdom Keeper, Traveller.


The bright planet Venus rules Friday. According to some astrologers, Emerald is the gem for Friday. It is a symbol of patience, understanding and foresight. However, Vedic astrology chooses the Diamond as the assigned gemstone for Friday. Diamonds are known to symbolize love, beauty and elegance. Western astrologers, on contrary, suggest other pink and green gems like Peridot, Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite and Water- Melon Tourmaline for this day. the Energy Representation: Lover, Attractive, Gentle, Persistent.


The ringed planet, Saturn, rules Saturday. The gem Turquoise is assigned to Saturday, as it can match the energy of Saturn. Turquoise is a symbol of new possibilities and happiness. It is also called the Power Stone that keeps proud people grounded. Vedic astrology connects the Blue Sapphire gem for Saturday. This gem helps to promote discipline, sincerity, commitment and loyalty. However, according to Western astrology, other gemstones are assigned for Saturday, including Amethyst, Labradorite, Black Tourmaline and lolite.

Energy Representation: Virtuous, Proud, Honest.

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