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by Maya TLM 23 Sep 2022


Laziness is not a choice. If someone calls it otherwise, we beg to differ. Laziness happens when you’re stressed out or when you have too many things on your plate. Crystals for procrastination helps to cure laziness, give you motivation and confidence to overcome your obstacles. If you don’t get rid of the bad habit of procrastinating, too many precious things can slip from your fingers. May be you paid a huge price for your procrastinating behaviour. But now there you found crystals. So Let's find out how to overcome laziness.

The right crystal can help you even invite luck and prosperity or success into your life. Let’s find the right one for you! And the first one is

1. Pyrite stones

The pyrite will Promote Motivation. The stone better known as Fool’s Gold, Pyrite is an inspiration stone. Besides bringing luck into your life, pyrite can make you feel dedicated and focused about your goals. Keep pyrite crystal for procrastination on your work desk to help you build motivation towards your work. You can also wear pyrite bracelet or pendant to keep it connected to your root chakra at all times.

Pyrite crystal eradicates procrastination by working on your root chakra. It grounds you and absorbs all the negativity. You will feel positive and enthusiastic about your work and tasks or to-do list.

2. Citrine Crystal

Citrine is powerful as much as it is gorgeous. If you’re frustrated or confused about what to do next, Citrine can help you. Hold it in your palms and close your eyes. Just think about all the things crowding your mind. By the time your mind is clear, you will know what to do next. Getting back into the swing of things sometimes requires radiant energy and a happy go lucky streak. This is exactly what Citrine can do for you. Also known as the lucky merchants stone, Citrine sweeps in and brings a positive mental mindset. It opens up your solar plexus chakra and helps you to find the fun in life. With Citrine you forever have a spring in your step.

A soothing stone that grounds and clears your minds, Citrine can help those who battle with extreme stress every day like doctors or nurses.

3. Tigers Eye for Confidence

Beautiful crystal marked for its sharpness and focus, Tiger Eye boosts your self-esteem. While working on the solar plexus chakra, tiger eye removes the physical imbalances in your body. It is a stone for those who want to find their will power and dedication.

Tiger eye makes you optimistic by eliminating your self-doubts. It can show you visions of future with hope and balance.

5. Red Jasper Stone for Lethargy

This is a crystal for those who can’t find the energy, not the mindset, to pick themselves up. Red jasper is a root chakra stone that connects with earth to ground you and fill you with energy.

Red jasper also fills you with stamina and strength to go through life. A stone of passion and vitality, jasper gives courage and confidence too.

7. Sunstone for Obsessive Thoughts Procrastination

When you’re hunted by thoughts that cannot be stopped, you need crystals for procrastination. Sunstone is filled with the warm energy of the sun. It fills you with optimism and confidence. Sunstone can eliminate negative private speech. Obsession and self-destructive thoughts will disappear once you hold a sunstone. Ruffle or fidget in your hand to get rid of agony.

8. Red Carnelian

When it comes to getting rid of procrastination, the carnelian is a very important stone. This stone is known to offer clarity to the mind which helps us in making decisions that lead us to our goals. You tend to quit overthinking and just get the job done and get it completed.

Carnelian is also known to enhance the creativity inside an individual which eventually brings in success to his life. This stabilizing stone restores vitality and motivation and dispels apathy.

Now you have an awesome list of inspiring stones to pick you up from your slump, it helps to know how to connect with their energy so you can raise your game. These tips can help you to get a handle on your crystals healing energy and connect with exactly what the universe has in store…

Wear crystal jewellery to stay connected to your purpose and a powerful sense of self.

When feeling in a slow funk, sit with your crystal in hand and visualize syncing up with its vibrations and letting it's light and energy sink into every corner of your being.

Place crystals in your workspace or creative studio to rouse you when you sit down to work.

Create a crystal grid to surround yourself with positive energy.

Practice morning affirmations while holding your crystal to channel and direct your energy.

Remember, motivation is awesome and incredibly important to help us stay on task and steer clear of procrastination. However, it’s always good to remember that the body also craves balance and rest. Being in a constant state of can-do and striving to get things done will lead to burnout if you don’t balance it with rest and softness. But don’t worry, these crystals know exactly what you need and will make sure that you stay tuned in to your body and soul.

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