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by Maya TLM 16 Aug 2022


Here we will discuss about 7 Best Crystals for Arthritis: and will also talk about how to Reduce Pain & Inflammation Naturally. Let's delve deeper into the crystals that will heal arthritis.

We typically think of arthritis as something our grandparents complain about – creaky, stiff joints and limited mobility. But that’s far from the story of arthritis.

Arthritis refers to hundreds of different musculoskeletal ailments that can affect people of all ages. It presents as inflammation, pain, and stiffness in our joints where the cartilage at the end of bones has begun to wear.

The forms of arthritis we hear about the most are osteoarthritis (which often comes with age or injury) and rheumatoid arthritis (a chronic disease with an early age onset).

That’s the thing. Arthritic conditions often go undiagnosed. We dismiss our achy knees and sore back as overworked or a result of stress.

Our mental, emotional, and physical health greatly impact our likelihood of developing arthritis. Part of it is genetics, too. However, we can take care of our body, mind, and soul to balance our reactions to arthritic pain and find relief from physical discomfort.

By incorporating crystals for arthritis into your pain management plan, you can experience the relief you need to live a happier life.

One of the most important actions to take for arthritis pain relief is to find mental stability and emotional peace. By boosting your mood and outlook, crystals for arthritis can help you find relief from the physical pain.

With clear, tranquil thoughts, you can gain the energy for physical rehabilitation and therapy.


Carnelian is a translucent orange-red crystal that attracts vitality and warmth. As it is in tune with the sacral chakra, applying its warmth to arthritic joints boosts circulation as well as happy emotions that then flow through the body.

Carnelian works to motivate us to release stress and trauma that may have caused our current pain, manifested through arthritis.

The symbolic heat of this crystal for arthritis fuels the body to remain active and flexible. This is important to maintain and increase physical strength and mobility.


Chronic pain caused by arthritis can make a person feel isolated and alone. No one can take away the physical hurt, and it's hard to express in words the constant aching.

Rose Quartz, however, can bring all-around healing to the body and mind. Because of its link with the heart chakra, Rose Quartz helps us lovingly connect and accept our bodies with flaws and strengths.

This crystal can also invite harmony and love from others to embrace us through pain. Love and support will amplify the gratitude and joy you feel, which can diminish any negative emotions and distract you from physical discomfort.


Not to be confused with Hematite (which is often called "The Bloodstone"), this green and brown toned crystal is a powerful cleanser for the blood.

Bloodstone had an ancient use in Mesopotamia. Dipped in cold water, it was placed on the body to promote circulation to a wound or injury for healing. It can work well in place of an ice pack to reduce inflammation on sore arthritic joints.

This crystal’s circulating energy stimulates the body and mind to stay in motion and to constantly cycle positive thoughts between our spiritual and physical worlds.


Another iron-rich crystal for arthritis is Amethyst. It is known as a detoxifying stone that helps rid us of negative energy and habits.

Aligned with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, Amethyst helps us to hone intuitive powers so that we can understand the holistic healing we need against arthritis.

Amethyst allows us to make better decisions for our health and to approach our bodies with serenity and calm.


The diagnosis of arthritis might make someone feel frail and weak, but that isn’t reality. Citrine is a crystal that sheds light on your inner strength and ability to overcome.

It soothes a pained, hurting mind and boosts inner confidence and vision to envision a healthy path forward.

With a sun like brightness, Citrine brightens the solar plexus chakra. Finding balance here will help you see new possibilities in your life in the face the stress and pain that comes with arthritis.


Malachite promotes growth and builds strength, both emotionally and physically. It draws out pain associated with arthritis and joint pain. It aligns DNA and cellular structure, enhancing the immune system.


Black Tourmaline is a remedy for debilitating diseases. It strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia, joint pain and arthritis, provides pain relief and helps align the spinal column.

How to Use These Arthritis Crystals ?

In order to find relief from arthritis with these crystals, you need to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle.

Try these three methods for using crystals for arthritis...

Maintain a Physical Connection to Crystals

You can wear crystal jewellery to maintain the healing energy of crystals within your aura. There are many styles of rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and more to unconsciously reap the benefits of crystal vibrations.

If you don’t typically wear jewellery, placing a small tumbled stone in your pocket will maintain the energetic field against your body. When you remember it during the day, you can place it in your hands and harness mental thoughts of healing.

Regularly Practice Chakra-Balancing Meditation

A strong core and spine go a long way to keep us active and pain-free. Our chakra system runs along the vertical pole from the crown of the head to our pelvic root. Doing a balancing meditation once a week can help you tune in to your pain management.

While arthritic pain may reside in many parts of your body, using crystals for arthritis in conjunction with a chakra-balancing meditation can bring balance to the pain and strength we need.

If you feel emotional or depressed one week, use crystals associated with your heart or crown chakras. If you feel an imbalance in pain, focus on your root and sacral chakras.

By taking time to bring all seven chakras into alignment, you build a solid axis from which to focus energy on healing.

Use With Therapeutic Treatments

A doctor will have many methods to help you find relief from arthritis pain. Often, this will include spending time resting your joints.

You may be told to apply heat or ice to your arthritic joints to calm inflammation and pain. This is a great way to invite crystals into your physical healing processes.

While applying a warm or cold pack on your body, you can place crystals on top or between the pack and your skin to let their healing vibrations help.

Or try a steamy crystal bath. Steep your crystals for arthritis as you fill your tub with water. Add any essential oils or Epsom salts. Carefully remove the crystals – they will be hot to touch – and set them around your tub as you soak and breathe in relief.

Arthritis might make you feel stiff, but it doesn’t mean you have to think rigidly about your pain. Using these crystals for arthritis will give you a positive outlook on life and invite relief to your aches and pains.

Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

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