Disclaimer: Crystals mentioned in the article below are not meant to be an alternative to the doctor’s medicine but rather a complement to it. Medical advice is a must if you are facing any lung-related issues.

Respiratory issues like bronchitis, asthma, respiratory tract infections, and allergies have become really common.

Though medicines are very useful in dealing with these kinds of allergies, it would not hurt to use healing crystals along with them to offer an emotional and physical balance.

*Following is a list of few such healing crystals that help to improve your lungs:



This is the best gemstone when it comes to dealing with lung-related issues. Amethyst has properties to transmute the negative energies into positive ones & offers you emotional sanity. It is very protective & works with the 3rd Eye Chakra to connect one to the Spirit.

You probably didn’t know this- about 14% of all the new reported cancers are lung cancer! If you had a habit of smoking, you might want to add this crystal to your list of healing stones. Almost the same amount of men and women die from this disease every year!

Rejuvenating the organs is not the only merit of the purple crystal as Amethyst also regenerates failed organs. Victims of chronic tobacco use often comprise the majority of lung cancer patients.

Amethyst is known as the crystal of the lungs. Not only does it help in de-addiction and rehabilitation, amethyst also works by ejecting the tar out of your lungs. It provides a boost for the medicines and prepares your body for recovery.

“This healing stone can be used for diseases of the respiratory organs as its metaphysical properties have the ability to curb the root causes of the disease.”

Rose Quartz


This gemstone is necessary to induce a loving and peaceful vibe in your heart. Lung disorders can make you feel stressed and emotionally low, which is why there is a need for a crystal that can fill this void of loving energy.

Pink and heart are synonymous with breast cancer crystals. Rose Quartz is an excellent friend to hold close in your battle against breast cancer. From stress to pain, wearing Rose Quartz Bracelet can bring relief and speedy recovery.

Rose quartz also gives you the love you might be missing due to the meds and therapy. It helps you be yourself even when your body is fighting the hardest.“Rose Quartz is an ideal stone to do this as it has properties that allow you to open your heart to accept the love from the surroundings.”

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