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Crystals for Lung Health


by Crystal Healer 06 Sep 2021

Have you been suffering from respiratory difficulties recently?

Respiratory troubles are on the rise evermore today, thanks to global warming, pollution and all the aftereffects of human existence. There is very less even the scientists can do to keep pollution from us, but crystals have the untapped power within that can keep the wearer safe from dust, dirt and pollutants. 

It seems funny doesn’t it? That crystals could help us, but they do. And in a way – it is a science.

Crystals are made of particles of matter, just like we are, our particles of matter (and theirs) have a particular vibration or frequency. The frequency of a human during ‘wellness’ is very different to a frequency of a human during un-wellness – think good vibes/bad vibes.

So what happens is, when a human is feeling sick, it’s a little like a big bite has been taken out of our electrical field. And in place of that bite mark – the crystal’s energy (an energetic signature of its mineral makeup) can very gently provide the support the person needs until they build their own field up strongly again.


Not all asthma is the same and affects each person differently. When an attack hits a person, it may cause your airways to become swollen causing the muscles around the them to become tight. In turn, this creates difficulty in breathing. These attacks can be serious, so it is imperative to recognize symptoms of asthma and their attacks. Sadly, this disease cannot be cured, however it can be managed.

Asthma can have a huge impact on your daily activities. Physical activities that may seem easy, like walking, using stairs, or playing with your kids could result in having asthma attacks. 

If asthma is pulling you down, you are not just suffering from one Chakra imbalance, but many of the higher chakras!


You must visualize a state of total relief from your ailment using crystal energy, meditative aura doubles and bonds with the healing aura of the crystal. In addition to medicines and tonics, adding crystal medicine that aligns throat chakra brings quick recovery and healing to the wearer. 

To start cleansing your respiratory system using chakra power, you must meditate and cleanse your crystals.


Stones are an amazing source of natural energy and each have their own metaphysical make up that helps with different types of disorders. Crystals are in NO WAY a cure for Asthma nor will they stop an attack, however they do help in many different ways.

Asthma is associated with your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras so wearing, meditating, carrying or simply having stones around your energy source can help to not only strengthen your chakras, but can also aid therapy already prescribed by a doctor.


Amber is such an amazing healing stone and has even benefits for teething. It helps to reduce negative energy transforming it into positive energy and aids healing in areas that need it in the body. Amber works with the lungs and helps with breathing problems. Amber works with the Throat chakra helping to relax this area and helps to rebalance the body. Amber can be used as an elixir as it is a natural antibiotic.


This gemstone is called the master healer for a reason. Amethyst helps to transmute the negative thoughts in your body and converts them into positive ones which help to balance you mentally. It not only helps with headaches and sleeping disorders, it also helps with respiratory issues as it helps to boost the immune system. It cleanses the air and allows for a positive energy space.


Malachite is a toxic stone in its raw form. However, this energy stone does have an amazing ability to heal. This is a protection stone for children and helps to ease the tension and stress. It is also beneficial to tackle the fear & anxiety which generates during an asthma attack. 


Pyrite is a little known respiratory healing crystal that can relieve ailing nose to bronchioles. The metallic yellow stone improves the absorption of oxygen in your blood, thereby alleviating most respiratory troubles. This is a gemstone which not only brings stability but also grounds your haywire thoughts. Pyrite crystal helps support the immune system and is said to beneficial for bronchitis. For patients with asthma, pyrite pendants can be excellent for regenerating the respiratory epithelium as well!


Synonymous with harmony, Tiger-eye can relieve the symptoms of asthma and low lung capacity. If you’re prone to asthmatic attacks, you must meditate with a charged tiger eye bracelet with multiple beads on your higher chakras.

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