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by Maya TLM 02 Sep 2022


New beginnings can feel like an adventure. Whether it’s a new job, new relationship, start of a new year, or a whole new take on life, change fills us with a sense of possibility and freshness. So today we will talk about 10 crystals that will help you with a new beginning and great change.

Of course, not all changes come from choice. Some are due to painful endings and can leave a sense of loss, grief or even dread. But whatever the cause of a fresh start, it’s our choices that determine the long-term outcome.

Crystals have an innate ability to support us through all of this. Whether you want clarity on how to take the first step, help to accept a painful ending, or guidance to find your true path, these nine crystals will encourage you forward with renewed confidence.

Change is powerful because it’s lasting and alters the person within. Grasp this new opportunity and see where it takes you. There are no guarantees in life, of course, but as soon as you feel ready to take the first step, the sooner you’ll know if it’s right for you.

Which are the Best Crystals and Healing Stones for New Beginnings?

1. Amazonite (Stone of Hope, Success, Abundance, Courage and Truth)

Colour: Turquoise Green

Amazonite brings hope and success to new projects. It’ll help you gain greater understanding of what you truly want, and encourage you to step away from the ‘usual’ and take the risk to embrace something different.

This crystal isn’t for the faint-hearted though, as it desires action. Amazonite inspires the courage needed for new challenges and will support you in trusting your soul purpose.

Amazonite’s light-hearted energy will enliven your natural talents, and align you with projects that excite you.

2. Labradorite (Stone of Serendipity and Magic)

Colour: Iridescent blue, greyish to black, yellow

Sometimes the biggest challenge when changing your life is other people’s reactions. Change can intimidate or unnerve those close to us, so their advice may be unhelpful. Labradorite encourages you to trust your own judgment and wisdom.

By listening to yourself, you’ll gain a better understanding of what is right for you. You’ll gain a sense of adventure and self-empowerment, as well as become less fearful of reaching for your dreams.

Labradorite is also known for its protective powers. It provides a shield around you that’ll prevent unwanted negative energies, such as jealousy, and other people’s opinions from influencing you.

3. Citrine (The Lucky Merchant’s Stone)

Colour: Yellow, ranging from pale to honey or even brown

This joyful crystal will inspire you to move forward once you’ve got a plan. It’ll motivate you to stop “people pleasing” and worrying about what others may think.
As the Lucky Merchant’s Stone, citrine is great when starting a new business. It’ll eliminate self-doubt and manifest financial success.

Through balancing the Solar Plexus, citrine’s zest for life will inspire fun and laughter, whilst increasing your energy for new projects and boosting optimism.

4. Malachite

Another stone of transformation, malachite, is one of the best crystals for new beginnings because of its supporting nature. It offers tough love that you can’t find in its gentler alternatives. By opening the heart chakra, it floods you with unconditional love and prepares you for every scenario. Whatever the reason for change, love is vital for moving forward from a place of peace.

If you’re feeling low, malachite will reconnect you to your intention and, more importantly, the passion and energy behind it. It forges a bond between nature and you so that you never feel lost or alone. The world is always your home. This luscious green crystal also ensures your aura is unaffected by EMF radiation or other toxic pollutants that can prevent you from fully embracing new opportunities.

5. Rose Quartz

The pink hue of rose quartz is due to the high amount of iron oxide in its chemical composition. It resonates with loving energy that soothes and cools any anger or sorrow. Rose quartz has been used as an amulet for love, especially unrequited love; it’s also known as the “love stone.”

6. Clear Quartz

This stone is used to amplify energy and can be worn or carried for its ability to clear out negative energies. These crystals vibrate with all seven chakras, making them a good choice for clearing out the blockage. Clear quartz can also amplify thought and intention.

7.Black Tourmaline

A stone of protection, black tourmaline is a powerful grounding and shielding gemstone that can be worn or carried for its ability to clear out negative energies.

8. Selenite

Selenite is a powerful yet gentle stone of the moon. It soothes and brings clarity to an overactive mind while reducing stress and anxiety. Selenite can help with PTSD or any other trauma by allowing one to fully release pent-up emotions, thoughts, and fears that have been suppressed for too long. Selenite harnesses the energy of the moon and reflects it back to us, allowing us access to its lunar powers.

Selenite is a stone of inner peace that facilitates meditation while cleansing our aura from emotional pollution.

9. Amethyst

This purple variety of quartz brings spiritual contemplation, intuition, and personal insight; it’s also used to develop psychic abilities. Amethyst promotes self-confidence. It has a calming effect that some people use to manage stress or anxiety. When worn next to the skin, amethyst releases electromagnetic radiation, detoxifying the body’s energy field.

It is a stone of transformation that brings about spiritual advancement and can help ease dying or grieving. It has been used as an aid in meditation because it promotes calm and reduces stress. Amethyst enhances intuition, providing insights into what one needs to know most urgently at this time.

10. Aventurine

Aventurine is a helpful stone to help find balance in your life and ground you. It enhances creativity, motivation, fertility, and prosperity. Aventurine is the crystal of opportunity and good fortune.

It opens the mind to creativity and self-expression. It aids in bringing about change, whether desired or not. It provides support for those who are going through transitions or upheaval, easing tensions by encouraging acceptance.

Aventurine brings fresh ideas and solutions to problems. It stimulates the intellect. Supportive powers include teaching, communication, self-expression, sobriety, and determination.

Crystals align beautifully with the energy of new beginnings. Here are a few examples of crystal healing methods to try:

1.The new moon is the perfect time to sow new seeds or intentions. Stand outside and, holding a rainbow moonstone, focus on your desire. If you wish, you can bathe the crystal in moonlight for a few hours.

2. Wear new beginning crystals as jewellery or carry in your pocket, so you stay energetically connected with its vibration throughout the day. Also, place crystals around your home to remind you of the energy you are attracting.

3.Meditation is an important ally in your wish to start new projects. Try and make a daily commitment to meditate with your chosen new beginnings crystal, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. This will strengthen your intention and help you remain focused on your task.

4. If your new beginning is work related, ensure your desk or work space has your chosen crystals near you to remind you of your intention and help you energetically to stay focused.

5. Cutting energetic links with toxic people, or even from your own fears, can be highly beneficial when starting new beginnings. Use black kyanite, amethyst, selenite or obsidian for this process.

6. Place a crystal grid, using new beginning crystals of your choice, around your bed or desk. Their unique signatures will flow with your intentions. You could also incorporate some crystals for abundance, fertility or love if it feels right to do so.

7. Crystal singing bowls bring uplifting energy and positivity into your home.

8. Elixirs are a wonderful way to resonate with the healing crystal’s powers.

9. Visualisations are a powerful force when it comes to new beginnings. Be clear on what you want. Feel the emotions connected with your dream or intention and, holding your chosen new beginning crystal, breathe that image into the crystal’s energy field. Do this daily to maintain the strength and your focus.

10. Get yourself a new notebook or fresh sheet of paper, surround yourself with your new beginning crystals and then write down what your new plan and intention feels and means to you.

New beginnings create necessary change. They alter our thoughts and can be exhilarating, unpredictable and terrifying in equal measure. To help you through this transition, crystals, aligned with this energy, can ease any discomfort. They can also promote courage and confidence to move forward, so you can realise your dreams.

Remember to be as straightforward as possible when setting your intention. The more specific you can be about what you want to manifest, the easier it is to bring your focus and attention towards it. It becomes a target for your energy, so if the target is vast and vague, then you aren’t going to hit the bull’s eye.

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