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by Maya TLM 15 Aug 2022


There are several crystals associated with relieving migraine and headaches. We will go with the most commonly recommended 9 crystals and when or how to use it to reduce your migraine. Let’s take a deep dive in and discover the very best crystals to soothe away those aches and pains and get you on your feet again.

From between the eye twinges to full-on migraines that tie you to dark rooms, headaches are never a pleasant experience. Some people are more susceptible than others when it comes to a thumping head and it can make life a misery. Because headaches tend to be a common complaint we also tend to minimize their discomfort and to try and get on with our day or suffer in silence. But headaches and migraines could be your body’s way of telling you something needs to shift or something isn’t right. Whether it's stress and tension, blocked chakras, not enough water, or bad vibrations, there are many reasons as to why a headache could strike. For those who don’t want to turn to painkillers or over the counter medicine every time, crystals for headaches could help.

Thanks to their shimmering high frequencies, crystals are famed for being able to shift negative energy, cleanse auras, clean out chakras, and help the body to heal. They can also work with your emotional health to shift stress and energy and to ensure you get the right amount of rest. While we adore all the healing properties of crystals we want to make sure you know this info is no substitute for medical advice. We invite you to check in with your healthcare professional and seek advice about any medical conditions including headaches or migraines that are causing trouble in your life.


What it looks like : Icy bright and as clear as can be. The Master Healer leaves no stone unturned when it comes to putting you in a place of perfect balance and harmony. This clear and radiant gem will bring harmony and balance to each of the seven chakras, allowing energy to flow without getting stuck. Clear quartz also pays extra attention to your crown chakra, inviting high vibrations to connect you with higher places.

When to use it : Use Clear Quartz whenever you want to direct negative energy away from your space. Bad vibes can lead to the body being run down and headaches to seep through but when you have Clear Quartz you can stay protected and standing in the light.

How to use : Lie on your back and place the Clear Quartz on your forehead and visualize the pain flowing away and being replaced with a clear white light.


At first glance, you may be wondering how the love stone can heal the head but then we remember that everything is connected. The heart chakra stone of Rose Quartz takes any nervous energy and instantly transforms it into pure love and positivity. This act alone can ease a whole heap of tension and heal the nervous system which in turn can reduce stress headaches.

When to use it : Use it to soothe overactive nervous systems or when you are dealing with a delicate head from PMS or other cycle-related issues. Rose Quartz is drenched in loving feminine energy making it a good healing stone for menstrual issues.

How to use : Place your Rose Quartz in a glass of water (if appropriate) and sip the water. This is also known as a crystal elixir.


Being a purely positive stone, Citrine is here to give your energy levels a joyful jumpstart. Sometimes fatigue, low moods, and listlessness can settle in and steal our energy leading to dull aches in the head and tiredness.

As a crystal form of vitamin D, Citrine can encourage tissue regeneration which can soothe the head and have you walking on sunshine in no time. 

How to use it : Wear Citrine or have a stone close by whenever you feel the clouds start to settle. If you can’t lift yourself out of a low mood, placing Citrine on your head can shift a fuzzy mind and soak you in sunny clarity.


Forever soothing and serene, Amethyst is a crown chakra healer. This gem can cut through headaches like butter thanks to its easy ability to help you unwind and shake off stress. It is super powerful at shifting energy blocks and bad vibes which could be contributing to headaches and pain. The colour purple also comes from the stones iron content which connects with the health of the brain.

When or how to use it : If you feel a tension headache coming on, grab your Amethyst crystal and let it get to work. You can also slip it under your pillow to encourage a sweet sleep. Do meditation thrice a day or when you feel pain.


The angel-like stone of Selenite is another super soother. This gem is instantly calming and also known for bringing peace, serenity, and positive flow. Selenite can uplift your soul and your energy levels by unblocking stagnant energy and washing away any feelings of fatigue. 

How to use it : For those days when you feel drained and run down and like your head is full of fog, Selenite can unblock those lower chakras and move energy so you feel as fresh as a daisy once more.


A highly energetic stone, Carnelian is a dab hand at clearing those lower chakras so you can shine. Sometimes, when our energy gets blocked, we aren’t able to live in the fullest flush of health. Carnelian has awesome detox powers and can help send oxygen exactly where it is needed in the body. All of this can reduce the likelihood of nursing a headache. 

When to use it : Whenever you feel a headache coming on that makes you feel sluggish, slow, or like your body is struggling, let Carnelian bring its radiant red energy to clear you out and lift you up.

How to use : Wear Carnelian jewellery pressed against the skin and let those healing vibrations enter the body and shift stagnant energy.


Green Aventurine can be as cool and soothing as a cold damp cloth on a hot day. This truly stabilizing gem knows how to reduce stress and put you on the straight and narrow (in a good way). It is a dab hand at clearing out mental blockages and is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that can ease pain and inflammation around the eyes. 

When to use it : For those who suffer from cluster headaches, the cool and gentle touch of Green Aventurine can bring instant respite.

How to use : Place a Green Aventurine under your pillow to encourage restful sleep so you feel refreshed throughout the day. And off course don't skip your meditations when ever you are ready or when ever you feel pain.

8) Lapis Lazuli

For those who suffer from nausea, vertigo, and other terrible side-effects that come with headaches, Lapis Lazuli can be your guiding light. This powerful stone is awesome at opening the third eye and helping resolve any imbalance in your body, mind, and soul. These imbalances can throw your body into a funk and lead to physical ailments. When this happens Lapis is the lullaby you need. 

When to use it : Place the Lapis stone in the centre of your forehead the next time you feel a migraine coming on. It will help to bring you into balance, heal the nervous system, and brings calming energy.

How to use : Drink water that infused with the Lapis Lazuli crystal energy. And do meditation by placing the crystal on your third eye chakra or on the pain area at least 30 minutes or as per your wish.


Another stone that comes with high feminine energy vibes, the Moonstone is awesome as healing headaches and brain fog associated with your monthly cycle. Beyond the pull of the tide, Moonstone can also help heal headaches that come from hormonal imbalances and from a place of burnout. 

When to use it : Turn to Moonstone to help guide you through whenever you feel a headache closing in around your cycle. You can also use Moonstone when you are stressed about the idea of change as it will encourage you not to resist and cause blockages but instead to go with the flow.

Make a crystal grid to bring your body into full healing, With the crystals that we discussed about. And place it at your bedroom or place it where you are spending your most of the time.

Now you know which stones can bring a healing hand and cooling touch to a heavy head, it helps to know just how to call in that power. There are some amazing ways that crystals can connect with your energy and here are just a few tips to get you started on soothing that headache…

Next time you feel a headache coming on and want to leave the painkillers on the shelf, reach for a little crystal healing first. By soothing stress, reducing tension, and stepping up the power of positivity you may find spiritual relief can quickly bring physical bliss too. Be sure to keep your powerful crystals cleansed and charged so they are ready to be your rescue remedy the next time your head starts to twinge.

The purpose of the Treatment Series is to share personal experiences with migraine management techniques. Do not start, stop or change any treatment program without the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

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