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by Maya TLM 20 Sep 2022

There is no one in the world who ever escaped from the shani dosha at least for once in their life time. We all are destined to feel that pain. We can't change that. But still we can or we have to overcome that evil eye. How??? There is a way. Of course it's crystals. So which Crystals are going to protect you from shani dosha. We will discuss that here. Let's find out together about the crystals that will help you in your worst time of Shani dhasa.

Shani, otherwise called the planet Saturn, is considered very critical in Vedic Astrology. It is a delightful planet with 3 Rings and various Satellites. And being the second biggest planet in the Solar system it takes 30 years to spin around the sun. And if we count correctly, in this procedure, it takes around 2.5 years to move from one Zodiac Sign to the next.

Shani is viewed as a loner who has surrendered his social life. He doesn't support love, family, and different connections. Accordingly, when this Planet comes in your horoscope and is put where your family life is housed, there are fewer odds of the individual getting family love, friendship or notwithstanding expanding your family heredity.

Apart From influencing your family life, Shani also affects your business; bring bad luck, distress, pain, destitution, depression and rejection. But the good news is that a person can decrease the evil impacts of Shani by executing certain cures. Wearing an Amethyst Gemstone is one of them. Saturn is the decision planet of the Sun Sign Capricorn and Aquarius. Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone and the clear Quartz are the gemstones that can help limit the bad impacts of Shani.

Shani isn't only honoured for its outrage and ruinous nature but is a Lord of Justice and gives you the outcomes according to your deeds. So it can likewise make you a profoundly solid individual, bring a lot of wealth and influence you to achieve the best where no other human has ever come to. It can also take you from a middle class to a rich and wealthy person and enable you to accomplish such awesome statures that one has never envisioned.

Talking about the saviour stone 'Amethyst' then its spiritual values and health advantages decrease the evil impacts of Shani. It is a piece that transmits vitality and guarantees that the negative energies are kept under control. It also improves your cooperative attitude and fills inspiration in your everyday life.

Amethyst represents the planet Saturn so Wearing amethyst stone brings wealth, success and prosperity along with humility, spirituality and mental peace. Amethyst gemstone benefits the most when worn by people who have a weak Saturn. And also don't forget to wear the crystals all the time and the other stones like lapis Lazuli Moonstone and the clear Quartz.

You can also meditate with these stones specially the amethyst. While meditating keep the crystals around you or on your third eye chakra .

Drink crystal infused water seven times a day. With the affirmations like
Saturn will give me the power over my life.
Saturn will show mercy because I am the greatest person.
You have to close your evil eye and consider my good deeds.

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