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by Maya TLM 12 Oct 2022
People using Crystals in their homes to solve many mental and physical problems for ages. So Today we are going to discuss 9 crystals that can solve many problems that related to vastu in your home. So let's delve deep to know Crystal vastu shastra.

Crystal Vastu Shastra said to have enchanting healing powers. It is believed that crystals possess divine power that they can cure the human’s various ailments and effects beautifully on their mood and mind.

Place Them Rightly

As per Vastu, these crystals need to be placed in specific spaces at home to get the maximum effect out of it. Each crystal possesses unique properties to resonates at a specific frequency and creates vibrations in your home. Also, the crystals affect different people differently as per their Rashi’s and birth dates. Keeping the right crystal at home which matches you and complements you can resonate with your energy and can benefits you in various different ways.

The crystals are placed in accordance with the various different directions like north, south, east, or west as well as their other derivatives. If they are places the right way without hampering the cosmic element of that direction in your house can give you the desired outcome.

Crystals For Vastu Dosha

Crystals are widely used in Vastu shastra to clear any kind of Vastu Dosh in particular spaces to have the perfect balance of cosmic elements as well as energies.

This object of power is very popular among Indians as it looks beautiful and adds its own natural beauty to the places where they belong.

1. Amethyst – To Counteract Stress

Placing Amethyst in the west corner of your home can help you relieve stress. You can manage your stress and tight schedule beautifully with the help of Amethyst. This stone or crystal can be placed easily on any desk or shelves

2. Citrine- To Enhance Wealth

This Citrine crystal is perfect to enhance your wealth and prosperity. To gain the maximum benefits out of this divine crystal place it in the southeast portion of your home. This crystal also can be placed on the top of your cash box to attract more wealth. Whereas if you wish you can also keep it in your pocket and you will never experience the empty pocket. If you place Citrine crystal on the desk where you work or take important decisions then it will help you to get clarity in your decision. And also will enhance receptivity, communicative abilities, and organization skills

3.Clear Quartz – Encourage Decision Making

If you want more concentration on a particular thing to make a perfect decision then this clear quartz will help you get clear visibility and encourage you to take the right decision, keeping all the uncertainties at bay.
This crystal also helps in improving your study and professional life. If you put it on the desk where you study or work, or the window nearby, it will help you get maximum output out of your hard work. However, this crystal can be placed on bedsides if you do not have a desk or tables or a proper place at the window side.

4. Tigers eye – To Improve Family Well-Being

To improve family well-being and to build a strong and protective layer among the family member the Tigers Eye is being used for centuries in Vastu Shastra. This crystal helps you to delight your family members who are weak and need strong family support in their well-being. To get maximum benefits out of this magic crystal place it in the east corner of your home.

5.Moonstone- For Fertility

The couple who are trying hard to get a child can place this crystal in their home. Moonstone is known as the magic stone of love and eroticism. This stone helps fertility and to conceive a pregnancy. This is also called women healing stone as it helps balance women’s hormones and the females cycle. Moonstone is also believed to give protection to travellers and called a traveller stone. It grants protection at night and uplifts the feeling of hope like the moon that accompanies travellers to help them see the road ahead.

6.Malachite – To Protect You From Danger

Malachite is a green banded stone and it strengthens your resilience and personal power. And help protect yourself from any kind of danger or disaster. Its frequency helps to gain patience, physical stamina, and inner peace. It is believed that malachite absorbs any kind of negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere as well as from your body.

7.Red Carnelian – For Improving Memory

Usually, these crystals are used for improving knowledge. Place Nine crystals in a bowl in the North-East portion of your home to improve children’s ability and placing a bowl in the North-Eastern portion or a side of the study room while studying will improve the memory power of the children.

8. Red Jasper – To enhance Creativity

Red Jasper supports the creative aspects and helps develop creative ideas and lift up the creativity skills. By placing this crystal at home you can turn your creative imaginations into reality with utmost focus and zeal. The outcome that you can receive out of your creativity can be enhanced with this magic stone.
It is recommended to use an Opaque Red Jasper with deep terracotta color to get maximum benefits.

9.Rose Quartz – For Healthy Relationship

It is recommended to Put Rose Quartz in the southwest corner of your home for healthy relationships with your spouse. This stone is also useful for romantic proposals and to create a strong bond of unconditional love between couples. One can also use this crystal as jewellery. The rose quartz crystals are highly recommended to place in bedrooms to maintain a healthy relationship throughout life.

The crystals at your home can help you improve your living experience in various different ways. But you have to make sure that you are going with the right crystal to match your energy. The placement of the crystals also is a critical factor that one should not avoid to get the maximum benefit out of it.
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