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by Maya TLM 10 Aug 2022


Here we are going to discuss about dos and don'ts of crystals. It is really very important to know and perform.

As we know that all the crystals are really pure and highly filled with the energy when it plucked from the mother earth. And the crystals can provide you positive vibes, when you are using them in the right way. When you get a crystal first time you have to make a bond or connection with them. For that we share some tips with you.

1. Imprint The Image Of The Crystal In Your Mind’s Eye

One of the way to connect with a mineral specimen in technical way, is to gaze into it with unwavering focus. Set aside a moment that you can spend some time with your crystal, no matter how big or small it is. Anything worth owning or spending your money on is worth your time, right!?

Hold your crystal in your hand, up to light if possible, and move the stone around to see all of the different angles and tiny details. When something catches your eye, learn into that curiosity and let the stone reveal more and more about itself the more time you spend with it. It is said that the entire universe can be seen in a quartz. Allow your mind to pick up every curve, crevice, edge and reflection.

Imprint the image of the crystal in your mind. Then, close your eyes and see how much detail you can retain. Repeat a few times until you feel connected to the essence of the stone; whatever that means to you.

2. Set an Intention For Your Crystal

The real value and magic in crystals (and with anything really) lies in your intention. If you are working with a specific intention already, it is perfect to infuse your crystal with the energy you want to invite into your life. Allow your crystal to be a tool of meditation and manifestation. Hold the stone with your eyes closed, maybe up to your heart, or in your lap. Meditate on your intention.

If you aren’t sure what your intention is, you can google search what properties are associated with your stone, or look to a crystal book. If what you find resonates with you, utilize the stone to bring that energy into your life. Check out our guide to Balancing Your Chakras With Sacred Stones to see some of our classic stones and intentions!

An easy and powerful way to charge up your crystal is to choose a simple, positive affirmation in the present tense that expresses your intention. Repeat it over and over again like a mantra (Sanskrit term for word or sound used to aid in concentration).

Whenever you need that specific energy in your life, your stone will be charged with it and transport your mind back to a place of balance. If the stone was a gift, you can simply feel it infused with the love of the person who gave it to you.

3. Decide Where Your Stone Will Go

This is an important one! Where will you keep your stone? Will you display your crystal in your home? What room could use the energy you’ve infused it with? Does it need a stand or will it stay upright on its own?

Will you travel with the stone? Is it small enough to keep in your bag or pocket? Is it even safe to?

Be sure to think about these questions to ensure you do not lose or break your new piece of magic.

We will give you some suggestions, if you have a wealth kit place it in your cash box, wallet, South west corner of your home or office etc. and if it is rose quartz you will have to place it in the bedroom or living room where the family is spending their time , because rose quartz will maintain and boost the love and relationship. You can place them in a glass or clay bowl or in the north-west area. So as per your intentions you will have to place your crystals with you.

4. Charging crystals

How often do I need to cleanse my stones? The more often you use a stone, the more energy it collects. A good rule of thumb is to clear all of your stones at least once in a week. If an individual stone is feeling heavier than usual, go ahead and cleanse it.

You can use salt, or selenite wand for cleaning and charging your crystals. You can go through our crystal cleaning and charging post to know more about the crystal care. 

5. Care for crystals

You should know about your crystals. Because some of the crystals won't work with specific things that we are using for the cleaning or charging. Don't introduce pyrite with water. Because Some harder crystals should also be kept out of water. These include crystals that contain minerals that can rust or can release toxins in water. And other crystals that can't be used with water is selenite, Malachite, and any crystal that contains copper. And some will not work with Sun because they will change their natural state. Example amethyst.

The crystals will give its positive energy or fulfil your intentions only when you activate it's vibration. That can be done by meditation. Meditate with your crystal. When meditating, you can place a crystal on the chakra that aligns with your intention. Laying crystals on your body allows the healing properties to activate those areas and rebalance energies. So make sure you are activating your crystal and fully manifest what do you want. By meditation yours vibrations will make a connection with crystal vibration and the you will get more benefits and energy from them.

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