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by Maya TLM 18 Jul 2022


Garnet is a popular gemstone that has been prized for many centuries. It’s also the January birthstone and is associated with second wedding anniversaries. The name garnet comes from the Latin word for pomegranate, and while red garnet is reminiscent of the colour of fresh pomegranates, garnets also come in other colours including green, orange, and even blue.

People have used garnets for jewellery and decorative objects for millennia. It’s one of the oldest known gemstones. Archaeologists have recovered garnet necklaces and talismans from Ancient Egyptian tombs and mummies. Egyptian pectoral jewellery Found in the tomb of the Egyptian Princess Sithathoryunet, this pectoral jewellery piece consists of carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and garnet set in gold. The Ancient Greeks and Romans also highly valued this gem. They used garnet signet rings to seal important documents as well as for a variety of jewellery pieces and other items.

Garnet is an energizing stone used to attract and activate passion and success. It can remove emotional and energetic blocks that may be limiting your vitality, as well as old patterns that can get in your way. Garnet is said to create energetic and emotional balance in the body.

The belief that garnets have the power to shield their wearers from harm is very widespread. Saxon and Celtic kings favoured garnet inlaid jewellery because of this supposed protection. Native American healers similarly believed that garnets had protective powers against injury and poison. Perhaps due to the stone’s reputation for protection, royalty often wore garnets. For example, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria, and the Russian Czarinas were all well-known for wearing garnets as adornments on their garments.

Since ancient times, garnet’s traditional red colour was associated with the heart and blood. Thus, people believed garnet’s mystical purview included the power to counter melancholy, stir the heart to great deeds, prevent haemorrhage, and improve circulation. Garnet’s colour and inner fire could also presumably stir a person’s creative energy. Garnets have been symbolically associated with life force, especially the feminine life force.

With associations with the heart, blood, inner fire, and life force, garnets have long been considered symbols of love. Garnet symbolism also extends to friendship. However, these connections are surprisingly sinister.

Garnet is the oldest existing stone and has held astrological importance since the Bronze age. Owing to its healing properties that help maintain energy and balance, it is commonly known as the healing crystal.

According to Vedic astrology, red garnet gemstones are ruled by Mars, which is the symbol of blood, passion, energy, courage, and drive. Therefore, it allows the wearer to feel passionate and drives them towards learning new things.


A richly healing stone, Garnet’s healing properties are plentiful. Whether shimmering red, green or gold, it’s a stone that serves up self-confidence, sexual energy, and true sincerity. For those who need a helping hand in standing strong and proud on this earth, take a look at the multitude of beautiful benefits brought to the table by the Garnet gemstone.



The main purpose and association of the garnet gemstone with physical healing properties are purification and detoxification abilities. It is believed that this stone will help you regenerate and revitalize your body, heart, blood, metabolism, libido, lungs, and heart. It is great for the blood, heart, heart rate, and arthritic hypertension. This crystal is often used for reducing pain associated with rheumatism.

Garnet is also believed to help the regeneration of the whole body, DNA regeneration, and metabolism stimulation. It will help vitamin and mineral assimilation, especially vitamins A, D, and E, calcium, iodine, and magnesium. It is also great for regulating cardiac rhythm, removing rheumatic pain and arthritic pain.


Garnet emotional healing properties are associated with protection, vitality, and support during the time of crisis. Wearing jewellery made from Garnet crystal will help you overcome a difficult time, time of grief, it will give you courage and enhance positivity. This stone will turn your negative energy into positive and change your perception providing assistance when you feel hopeless, alone, and down.

The great positive energy of Garnet gemstone is beneficial for mourning persons after the loss of a significant person or a partner. This crystal also reduces the fear of financial loss, insecurity, boosting confidence and raising self-esteem. Garnet is associated with abundance, luck, love, success, wealth, and money.

The stone of commitment, Garnet is a glorious gem for those seeking a helping hand when it comes to all things relationship. It’s adept at clearing out negative energies by flushing toxins, not only from your body but also your life in general. It works closely with those grounding chakras to keep you safe and steady on your feet and less likely to slip into traps of self-doubt and jealousy and all those traits that can get in the way of forging a close-knit bond with your loved one.

Garnet is a highly uplifting stone with its rich colours and warming glow you cannot help but feel supported and nurtured by its deep healing properties. It’s an amazing talisman to have close for those times you may feel the need to be balanced out. It keeps you off the emotional roller-coaster by ensuring that your self-esteem is high enough to make healthy choices and that you approach life from a positive point of view.

For those who often find themselves lost to a feeling of crisis, the Garnet is here to talk you down off that existential and emotional ledge. It kicks your survival instinct into touch, ensuring that no matter what trouble is brewing, that you are at your best and ever equipped to handle it.


Garnet is a calming and protective stone that will help you understand situations that happened in your life, help you commit and improve relations with other people. In order to dispel bad dreams and nightmares, keep your crystal under the pillow. This is also beneficial for healing depression. This gemstone is often credited for helping people to find their soulmates, new husband, and regain confidence.

Garnet is a strong gemstone for creating balance, bringing balance to your emotions, chakras, and the whole body. It is often used for boosting the mood, and uplifting your spirit. This stone is considered as lucky for bringing love, success, and helping you to achieve all goals. Wear jewellery made from this crystal to prevent insecurity, bring abundance, and money into your life.


Garnet stone offers many benefits to the wearer. Ruled by Mars, it positively affects mental, physical, and spiritual health. Here are some benefits of Garnets.



Garnet possesses excellent physical properties like regeneration and healing of the body. It purifies and detoxifies the blood while also making the blood circulation better. Moreover, the stone revitalizes the body and is good for the heart, metabolism, and lungs.

Since garnet is a symbol of passion and fire, it will help the wearer commit to the relationships and help them understand the situations better. Additionally, the crystal is also a calming stone that cures depression and helps in gaining confidence. As mentioned earlier, Garnet brings balance and abundance to your life. It also uplifts your spirits by warding off negative vibes.

The emotional properties of garnet are protection, support, and vitality. It helps the wearer in overcoming a difficult time and offers courage. It also enhances positivity and imparts good energy that boosts confidence and raises self-esteem. In addition, the attractive red crystal is also associated with abundance, love, success, and money.


Garnets have been used in bead jewellery since 3000 BC, it has been found in century-old tombs proving that this pomegranate stone is as durable as some of our most ancient things. As mentioned, it was a stone of travellers, a mark of the goddess, the unsung hope of biblical stories, and used for healing for many centuries.

Today, the Garnet remains a gorgeous feature in gemstone jewellery and an important amulet to be used in reiki healing. Here are all the ways you can welcome Garnet’s glow into your life.

Bringing the Garnet into your home comes with a whole host of benefits. If you want to stir up your sex drive and get more action between the sheets then place a Garnet in the bedroom space.

For those who crave a boost in their creativity, then adding the Garnet to your studio space or office will work wonders for tapping into those intricate imaginative ideas.

If you live in a house where harmony is forever being disrupted by drama or chaos, the Garnet can also be an amazing stone to bring peace and positivity back, especially when placed in shared spaces.

As a talisman of travellers, this is also a great stone to stash in your backpack for your next worldly adventures. Garnet is a light bringer and an illuminator meaning that with this stone close at hand you will always be protected and you will always find a way.


If you want to truly connect with the soul-stirring force of this glowing stone, the best way to bring it into your life is by wearing Garnet jewellery. As a bracelet, a pendant, or even a ring, healing stones are so much more powerful when placed directly against the skin as their healing vibrations can flow right through and connect to your chakras.

If you are looking for stones that suit your Garnet, the healing properties of Obsidian make an amazing match for the passionate stone. You could also look to Tourmaline another of the protector stones. For a different feel when it comes to crystal healing, the loving energy of Rose Quartz will also help to balance out the sexual prowess of your Garnet which can ensure a healthy and balanced relationship across the body, mind, and soul.


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