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by Maya TLM 17 Jul 2022


There are tons of different crystals available today said to help usher in everything from abundance to protection. But when it comes to luck, there's no better crystal than Green aventurine

Green aventurine is one of the most sought after crystals due its long association with abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. A quartz-based crystal, it's also an incredibly powerful healer. Connecting to the heart chakra, green aventurine can be very helpful when dealing with emotional matters of the heart, especially those concerning our romantic relationships.

Green aventurine is a translucent quartz that contains a high concentration of fuchsite inclusions. It is these inclusions which give aventurine its green appearance. Other colours of aventurine, such as yellow aventurine or red aventurine, possess different inclusions. For many years, green aventurine has been associated with fortuitous opportunity; receiving its name from the Italian word “a ventura” which translates to “by chance.”

Green Aventurine is globally known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’. This stone is the luckiest of all time. It was used by human beings for new wealth sources. It is also known as stone which creates an atmosphere where opportunities became inevitable.

Tibetans have believed that looking at the aventurine would favour them with good eyesight and increase their focal power. So, Tibetans wore jewellery and ornaments made up of Green Aventurine. They used this stone in their statues. Before 1800, people of Amazon called Aventurine as ‘Stone of Amazon’. Those stones were worn by the warriors of Amazon.

Green aventurine is very popular among employees to get a promotion in a new job in an early phase. It is very potent to create inner peace too. Besides the job, this stone has a very potent role in spirituality, emotional, physical & mental healing. Besides ‘Stone Of Opportunity’, it is also known as ‘Stone Of Prosperity’, ‘Stone Of Peace And Compassion’, ‘Stone Of Amazons’ and ‘Stone Of Abundance’.


As one of the most powerful healing crystals, Green Aventurine has valuable healing properties. 



On a physical level, the Green Aventurine gemstone is known for promoting the health of the nervous system, together with the proper functioning of the thymus gland. Natural Green Aventurine also helps in lowering cholesterol and balancing blood pressure. Plus, if you want to lose or gain weight, this stone can help maintain a steady metabolic rate.

Green Aventurine also promotes the physical growth of infants, children, and teenagers. It improves vitality, as well as the intellectual growth of children. This means if your children are struggling with homework or hyperactivity, you can keep a Green Aventurine Angel in their bedroom. The Green Aventurine metaphysical properties will ease the emotions of your children.

Similarly, the stone also helps assist with work by overcoming clumsiness and laziness. Wearing a Green Aventurine bracelet benefits your mood, keeping you motivated and focused. On the other hand, it can also enrich your blood with essential minerals. You can use it during skin eruptions, sinus, and even inflammation.

Finally, you can use the stone to improve your fertility because of the green color. If you’re struggling to get pregnant, place a Green Aventurine pyramid on your bedroom window to invite the stone’s fertile energy.


The calming and soothing energy from Green Aventurine can help you balance your emotional body and ease your emotions. Whether angry, irritated, or nervous, a Green Aventurine stone can help you stream through a hectic lifestyle.

Additionally, Green Aventurine benefits your life force, cutting down lethargy and depletion. The stone has a gentle grounding effect that soothes emotional wounds and imbalances. Since it’s connected to the heart chakra, it helps release emotions associated with unhealthy relationships and heartaches. In this way, it allows you to look at hardships as a learning experience and eventually accept them. It’s also among the best crystals for enhancing sleep.


Green Aventurine has a very strong connection with Earth and non-physical beings. In this way, this stone offers a close understanding of nature. It also balances the female and male energies.

Most importantly, it allows individuals to embrace growth, change, and renewal. It helps in nurturing emotions and understanding the emotions more effectively. If you cannot focus on work and lose motivation day by day, you need Green aventurine to make you feel better.




Green aventurine is often referred to as the “gambler’s stone.” If there's one thing to understand about green aventurine, it's that it's a very lucky stone. This crystal helps you to create your own luck and take matters into your own hands, rather than believing some people are simply luckier than others. Working with this crystal helps you become one of those 'lucky people' by teaching you to find opportunity in every situation and that luck awaits you at every turn.

As a lucky totem, it tends to harmonize us to positive outcomes and opportunities; helping us expand our sense of what is possible. Given green aventurine is such an optimistic crystal, it is the perfect stone to carry with you to a job interview, first date, or important meeting.


Green aventurine also helps bring opportunities into your life, by way of encouraging you to jump on them when they make themselves known. This stone reminds you to expect good things to come out of all your endeavours. In working with this crystal, you will find yourself being consistently in the right place at the right time—just like all the other lucky people you know. Green Aventurine helps you believe in your own luck, which, in turn, makes you luckier.


If you want more love in your life, you have to create the space for it. In order to manifest a new relationship, you must first release your old ones; specifically, any blocked energy or leftover resentments you may still be harbouring from the past. Green aventurine declutters the energy field, especially around the heart chakra. This is why it is a wonderful stone for attracting romance. It assists us in healing old emotional wounds while simultaneously opening us up to receive more love.


By staying receptive to positive change and open to new prospects, Green aventurine increases your odds of success. Think of aventurine as a luck amplifier in all your hopeful endeavours. This crystal is ripe with opportunistic energy and is well known for attracting wealth, winning games, and provoking random windfalls.


Green aventurine is a crystal for grounding and stability. If you have a tendency to overthink or ruminate over situations and get stuck in your mind, green aventurine will help bring you back to your physical body and your connection to the Earth. It is also a great crystal if you’re suffering from digital burnout as a result of spending way too much time on your phone, tablet, or other device.


Green Aventurine is good for the heart chakra, known for promoting emotional calm and well-being. It provides a shield against negative energies. The heart chakra is located near the breastbone, which maintains our connections with the external world.


When the heart chakra is imbalanced, you might feel that you’re not in control of your relationships and interactions with the world outside. However, the healing properties of the Green Aventurine rebalance the heart chakra and open all the blockages, eventually allowing you to understand your emotions more effectively.


While you can certainly keep green aventurine somewhere in your home, this one can have stronger effects when you interact with it directly and keep it on you during the day. Carrying it with you, having it in your pocket, or wearing it as jewellery forms a different type of relationship with your crystal than it simply being in your space.

If you're looking for some financial luck, place green aventurine in places where you might expect cash to grow, such as a cash box, a drawer where you keep your bills, or in your wallet.

Green aventurine is a great stone to include in a crystal grid to attract and amplify abundance. Set your intention for the grid, and choose your crystals, opting for other crystals associated with money and/or luck, such as citrine, Pyrite, and jade. From there, lay your grid out using sacred geometry, perhaps keeping it on an altar or in some space where you'll see it, to remind you of your intention.

Green aventurine guides earthly energy up into the roots of plants, to pulse vitality through them. Bury a clean stone in the soil of your garden or potted plant, and add a clear quartz for some extra energy amplification.

Given its green colour, green aventurine is also great for working with the heart chakra (which is also associated with green). Placing your green aventurine over your heart to open your heart chakra to giving and receiving love.

Ritual For Abundance & Financial Prosperity

While seated, hold a piece of green aventurine Angel in your palm and place your focus on the crystal. Notice its appearance, its weight, and the way it feels in your hand. You’ve now established an energetic connection between you and the green aventurine. Place it on the ground right in front of you.


Close your eyes and visualize the green aventurine. You are aware that it represents financial abundance and prosperity. You are also aware of your connection to this piece of green aventurine. It is a part of you and you are a part of it.

Keep your mental focus on the green aventurine as you slowly breathe in and out. As you do so, notice a golden light start to emanate from the crystal. This light gets bigger with each breath you take until eventually it fills the space in which you and the green aventurine sit. Bask in the joy and warmth of this light. It is the light of prosperity and abundance.

 Affirm and repeat all of the following phrases (or whichever ones resonate most with you): “I am abundant. I am prosperous. My needs are always met. I have more than I can imagine. I am generous. I give and receive with ease.”

Ritual to manifest love

This ritual is best performed on a Friday, the day associated with Venus.

Create a sacred space by cleansing the area around you with a sacred herb of your choice. Visualize any stale or stuck energy leaving the space as you simultaneously visualize 100% pure light and love coming in to support you.



Affirm, “I release any unnecessary cords of attachment, expectation, or frustration. I release all resentments I may be holding onto and I release myself from any resentments others may be holding towards me.”

Visualize golden light enveloping you and cleansing your energetic field of all old resentments and upsets in former relationships.

Take a green aventurine point in your non-dominant hand. Keep it in your hand as you affirm the type of partner and the type of relationship you’d like to call in. Speak it aloud in an affirmative tone, i.e. “I am so grateful for this new love I am calling in now, a relationship that is built on trust and openness, one in which we are both….” Describe what you desire to experience as if it were already on its way. Express gratitude for what you are now to receive with a definite “so it is!”

Open your eyes. Recognize your green aventurine as a symbol of your intention. Keep it nearby in the coming days and weeks.

Meditation For Grounding & Stability

Whether seated or standing, make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Place a green aventurine pyramid in your dominant hand.


Close your eyes and hold both of your hands out, palms facing up. The green aventurine should be resting in the palm of your dominant hand.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, imagining the breath bringing positive, soothing, and peaceful energy in through the bottoms of your feet and circulating that positive, soothing, and peaceful energy all throughout your body. As you do this, make sure to maintain a stable connection to the Earth.

Place your awareness on the aventurine in your hand. This crystal represents inner peace and balance. Make a deliberate connection with the green aventurine in your hand and with each breath, feel yourself breathing in peace and balance, feeling more and more grounded, secure, and supported with each breath.

Move the aventurine to your other hand. Once again, acknowledge that the crystal represent inner peace and balance. Make a deliberate connection with the green aventurine in your hand and with each breath, feel yourself breathing in more peace, security, stability, and support.

Move the green aventurine to your feet. Allow this feeling of inner peace, balance, and stability to permeate your entire being. Feel your feet on the ground.

Affirm, “I am safe. I am secure. I am balanced. I am always supported. I am home in my body. I am home on the Earth.”


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