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Meditation Practice with Crystals


by Crystal Healer 07 Sep 2021

Humans have always had a special relationship with the mineral world; they are a gift from Mother Nature providing numerous benefits. For thousands of years minerals have played an important part in day-to-day life from providing adornment, making tools, and being used in ceremonies.

People worldwide recognize the importance of minerals. Metals such as gold, copper, and silver are used in construction and manufacturing. It’s not surprising that in addition to providing great value on your physical world, minerals also have an impact on your inner world.

One of the easiest ways to experience the benefits of minerals, or crystals, is through the gateway of meditation. Meditation is beneficial to your total well-being by instilling calm and a deep sense of relaxation. It is from this quiet space that creativity is birthed, healing is ignited, and peace is created. Adding the use of crystals during meditation can serve as a powerful tool to enhance your practice.

Why Use Crystals

While meditation does not necessarily need anything but you and your desire to commit to peace and fulfillment, crystals add a dimension of inner exploration that can be quite rewarding -and fun! Each person will have his or her own unique experience, but here are a few reasons for using crystals during meditation to inspire you:

  • Deepens meditation practice

  • Helps to achieve a specific outcome

  • Reinforces intentions

  • Raises consciousness and awareness

  • Deepens intuition and insight

The relaxed state cultivated during meditation allows you to tune into the properties of the chosen stone. At some point you may have had a sense that the world is more than what you perceive with your five senses. This is the world ancient medicine recognized and tapped into to help restore harmony and balance to cure sickness, both in the mind and body. Ayurveda says that everything in nature is made up of energy and intelligence, including you. When you meditate, you drop into that space that you have forgotten how to connect to.

You are constantly exchanging energy and information with everything around you, whether or not you are aware of it. “The trees are our lungs, the rivers our circulation, the air our breath, and the earth our body,” offering a perspective on how intimately connected you are with nature. How can you not be connected to nature after hundreds of thousands of years of evolving on this planet? It is from this subtle level that all of nature, including the mineral world, interact and communicate. When you seek stillness, you too can be a part of this ancient and primal conversation.

Getting Started with Crystals

All crystals, rocks, and stones are packaged with energy and information available to help you; it’s a matter of finding what “vibes” with you in the moment. There are a lot to choose from and this plethora of options can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful stones to have “on deck” due to their versatility:

  • Clear quartz : Multipurpose stone used to heal, clear, and charge

  • Selenite : Charges up other crystals, lightens mood

  • Amethyst : Charges up other crystals, strengthens intuition, clears negativity

  • Aventurine : Helps to boost energy and decrease stress, promotes calm and balance

  • Rose quartz : The love stone-helps to heal from grief or a broken heart, promotes peace and harmony in the home, attracts more love

  • Citrine : Recharges energy and releases negativity, attracts abundance, helps with manifesting a goal

  • Lapis lazuli : Helps to ground and balance, helps to heal, clears other stones of lower vibrations

  • Tiger’s eye : Clears stones, relieves stress, defends against lower vibrations

These are just a few of the potential uses of each crystal. The more you work with a stone, the more it will reveal its story and how it can help you. Visit a gem and mineral shop and take time to peruse the collection. Gather a few stones to get started.

Choosing a Crystal for Meditation

When it comes time for meditation, how do you choose which crystal to work with? If you are working on something specific in your life, get clear on what that is and perhaps write it down. Choose the crystal that aligns with your goal. (For example, if you are working on bringing in more abundance, citrine may be helpful.) If you are unsure of the significance of a stone, simply do a search on the internet or purchase a book with the descriptions and meanings. Or, you can use your intuition.

When you begin to feel more comfortable using your crystals, practice letting the crystal choose you. You can try this when purchasing a new crystal in a store as well. Close your eyes and ask one of the following questions: “Which crystal is best for me at this time” or “Which crystal can help with__?” The trick is letting go of doubt and go with the first thought that comes to your mind or notice what attracts your attention. Trust yourself (and the stone)!

How to Use Crystals

The first thing to do after purchasing a crystal is to clear it of any energy it may have picked up by burning some sage around it. You can bathe it in saltwater overnight as well, but make sure it won’t dissolve.

When getting ready to use the crystal, ask it for permission. This may seem strange, but you would want someone to ask you for permission as well. Rarely will you be denied and you will definitely “feel it” if that’s the case-just as you would feel such a message from a person. Hold your crystal and see what comes up. If there is no answer or something feels “off” you may need to clear it again.

During meditation you can hold the crystal in your palm, place it near you, or place it on a part of your body while lying face up. There is no right or wrong way to hold it. Everyone’s preference for working with crystals is different. Visualize your goals or intentions for using the stone and then let it go-allow the crystal to do its work.

When you are finished, thank it for working with you.

Crystal Meditation Exercise

This meditation is a good way to introduce yourself to your crystals and begin to understand how they can begin to help you.

1. Find a quiet space and settle into a comfortable position.

2. Have your crystals nearby (they should be cleansed already).

3. Close your eyes and connect with your breath for 2-3 minutes.

4. When you feel ready, select the first crystal and ask it for permission.

5. Hold it in whatever way feels comfortable.

6. Notice how it likes to communicate with you-color, sounds, sensations in the body, visuals, etc.

7. Note any messages it has for you. If nothing comes up, that is fine.

8. Write anything down in a journal.

9. Continue to do this with each stone, thanking it after each use.

10. End your meditation by connecting with your breath again, opening your eyes when ready.

You don’t have to be intuitive or an expert to enjoy the healing energy of the mineral world. All you need is an open and willing heart to connect and discover what you may. They will always be there, ready whenever you are to ask for their help on this crazy journey of life. 


All these crystals are 100% original and natural. Nature imprints its contours on its creation so be happy to accept crack marks, holes and color variations in your collection. This assures that its 100% natural and Authentic.

Information provided is learnt from experience of various healers to help healers/ believers. This is any case is not any alternative to medical advice.

Use of the product is the personal choice of the user and the result cannot be guaranteed.

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