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by Maya TLM 11 Jul 2022


Rainbow Azurite is referred to as ‘Stone of Heaven’ by the believers. This brilliant stone with different shades of dark blue fetches you the positive vibes which lead to betterment in your living.

Azurite means inner strength and balancing emotions. Plunge into the waters of your mind and swim down until you discover the treasure trove that sits deep within.

For as long as the world remembers, Rainbow Azurite has been a stone held high in spiritual reverence. In Ancient Egypt, it was considered to be a sacred stone, saved solely for use by high priestesses and priests. It’s also a stone said to be connected to the lost city of Atlantis. In China, it was believed to be the stone that cracked open celestial pathways and Native Americans used Azurite to communicate with spirit guides.

For thousands of years, artists and creators would take the stone and ground it down to a beautiful blue pigment to use in paintings and fabric dyes. This Stone of Heaven and celestial energy has been mined in many far corners of the earth – from the mountains of Chile to the sculpted rocks of Arizona in the USA, the fabled lands of Egypt, the dunes of Namibia, ancient strongholds of Peru, along with Australia, Russia, and France.

There’s something so alluring about this vibrant blue stone that makes the mind realign with its all-seeing purpose and even its the very name of Azurite meaning comes from the Old Persian word for blue.

Rainbow azurite helps to release anxiety, relieve tension, dispel confusion, and open the mind to perspectives previously unseen. Overall, it will increase intuition, and keep the mind channel open to receive guidance and messages from spirit. It's a great stone for anyone that is independent, a lone wolf, or trying to maintain mental acuity and physical prowess.


Rainbow Azurite is an ethereal purifier and a Chakra healing that helps clear obstructions so that those beautiful sensations may circulate.

Once it refers to spiritual healing emotions, Azurite appears to burn brightly. It's a gemstone that has something to do with internal perception. Shamans and therapists have used Azurites to communicate with psychic beings throughout antiquity.


Azurite may be right for you if you're seeking a holistic way to unwind. While it can't replace complete diet, exercising, or sleeping, this calming gemstone can assist you in many other aspects.

It encourages you to rest and breathe deeply. It's among the essential therapeutic gemstones for relieving emotional distress, as well as for weeping and lamenting the death of a family member.


Azurite is a powerful mental purifier, always prepared to knot up all those hanging strands of stress, concern, and disorganized ideas, giving your mind an even tidying up. It sheds a torch on all the areas of your heart that might use some mending and provides a stable foundation and tenderness of being to assist you in dealing with this with kindness and internal honesty.

This treasure is ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to rise for themselves and voice their opinions or who feels they are bending over themselves for everyone else. Azurite is also an excellent stone for standing in your authority and releasing the chains of remorse and proper conduct.

The healing energy of Azurite pushes away everything that is no longer helping you. When you incorporate Azurite into your lifestyle, you may cut away from your nervousness. Azurite gives you the mental courage to overcome your worries and aids your soul in uncovering the source of the problem.


Azurite is primarily about eliminating barriers in existence so that you may thrive, and this encompasses impediments that may be hurting your wellbeing. This gemstone can aid cell healing and provide a steady supply of oxygenated blood and intellect. Azurite is also an excellent stone for treating severe diseases such as Alzheimer's and other conditions that cause the body to degenerate.

It can also aid in the relief of cramps and seizures and aid in the detoxification process. You can imbue your complexion with vitality, your bones become more substantial, and your backbone appears to move into harmony when you have Azurite in your daily existence.


If you've been trying to grow your spirituality, the Azurite gemstone is a great choice. It has a solid link to the Third Eye Chakra. Its vitality motivates you to let go of outdated ideas to uncover your identity and unite with nature.

This rich blue gemstone can motivate you to be more honest, ethical, and reliable in your work. It can allow you better to express your views, beliefs, and feelings while also broadening your horizons. Azurite, like Amethyst, can help you enhance your guided meditation by calming your mind and allowing you to enter thorough contemplative levels.


Rainbow Azurite makes a connection of yours with the divinity.



It also has various health benefits as it has the power to cure many diseases at a good rate. With those immense healing benefits, it makes life joyful.

It is calming to the soul and is used for various healing and protecting services. It even aids in spiritual connection and mental stability.

Being associated with the third eye chakra, it helps you know the secrets of divinity. Azurite also fetches you the wisdom to understand any complex issue so that you can make a good decision.

It makes a strong spiritual affection that will enhance your abilities such as perception and intuition. Furthermore, it has a strong effect on the intellectual level of a person and fetches clarity of thought.

For the one who possesses Rainbow azurite, also gets the aid in mishaps like stress, worry, grief, and sadness and help to recover from those.

Azurite fetches you positive vibes and with the advent of those comes the desire of meditation which leads to increases in focus and retention. It is true benevolent for the students as it helps them in exams by increasing their focus and retention.

Also, the person gets clarity in his ideas ultimately leading to good decisions in life which leads to happiness in it.

It connects the person with the divinity and aids in making a spiritual connection leading to the advent of positivity. With this positivity, a better understanding of self comes. The person becomes capable of dodging negative energies caused by any source and also let go of the negative remembrances of the past.

Azurite releases stress and anxiety and all the mental blockages and worries. It is also associated with the throat chakra and heals many throat related problems.

Azurite also aids in thyroid issues. It optimizes the level of thyroid production ultimately hampering all the related issues. Along with this, communication skills also get enhanced. With the enhancement in that, comes the confidence while speaking and the person is able to explain to others even better than before.

Azurite induces and enhances creativity. With the advent of new dreams also comes the desire to fulfil them. It makes you confident and determined than before. Inspiration and motivation are also accompanied by confidence. The developed resolution in you tries to make you act for your dreams and aids in the accomplishment of those.

Azurite helps in various health ailments. It helps you even in chronic diseases like cancer or brain issues. Many other prolonged diseases like arthritis, kidney, bladder, thyroid, and liver issues may also be addressed by Azurite. Various other problems like joint pain, skin diseases, or even sinus that a person faces may also get some relief with this stone.


The Third Eye Chakra, the seat of our profound insight and intuitive directions, is associated with Azurite. It also has a link to the Heart Chakra, which is where we educate to sing lullabies out into the world and how we seem to want to create love within ourselves. Lastly, it links to the Crown Chakra, where we communicate to the planet's more significant signals. The dark blue pigment of Azurite also attracts safety and prosperity to your Throat Chakra, encouraging you to claim your authority and proclaim your reality.


Meditation : During meditation, Rainbow Azurite helps to activate the throat chakra which induces clarity and enables you to clearly and concisely convert your emotions into words so that you can strengthen your relationships and deepen your bonds.

Place an Azurite stone on your desk, or wherever you do the most creative work, to develop a stronger connection with your muse and enhance your creativity.

By placing it in your living room or dining area helps to soothe emotions in the family environment.

To keep your Azurite relatively private and use it for personal development, leave it on your altar. If you don't have one, a quiet and private space will be fine. Your altar is additionally an awesome spot to experiment with your psychic abilities.

Simply having it within your vicinity is a great way to access its energies. It is great to use in an office space, or when working to enhance communication and creativity. Azurite is unique in the sense that it is a rubbing stone. Rub the stone frequently when carrying it and speak your troubles into it so that it may assist you in dissolving them.



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