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by Maya TLM 20 Jun 2022


Gemstones are precious stones that stimulate the flow of energy or chi of your body. One such gemstone is Sulemani Hakik. It means healing and grounding. It is used in astrology as a fortune-teller stone. The wearer of this stone is charged with positive energy and satisfaction.

Sulemani Hakik stone possesses transcendental qualities. It has been used from centuries to turn one's luck. By wearing Sulemani Hakik Stone bracelet & Pendent is filled with positive energy and always appears to be proven. It is used to remove the negative effects of Saturn planet, Rahu and Ketu grah.

Hakik is available in various colours such as red, black, milky, grey, blue, pink, green and brown. The quality of the hakik is determined by its size, weight and colour. A bright coloured or multi-coloured Sulemani indicates high quality.

This stone renders the wearer internal quietude and strength, which is beneficial in fighting stress. It helps in maintaining contact with divine forces and enkindling spiritual awareness.

Black hakik is worn by many and is believed to be one of the most powerful protection stone. It can clear the root chakra as it is closely associated with the tailbone. It also removes fears and anxiety and helps to deal with uncontrollable emotions. It is often worn by people stay protected from dark plots fabricated by rivals or ill-wishers. It nullifies the effect of such bad curses and leads the wearer on the path of happiness.

The mystical stone could be worn by anyone from old age people to young ones and from women to men. As this has no side effects on the wearer it could be worn without checking the horoscope. After wearing Sulemani Hakik stone you could be assured of positive changes in your life. It will take you to the path of success and happiness.


It is believed that only Sulemani Hakik can increase confidence by wearing or keeping it around. It excludes negative energy, causing depression, confusion and anxiety.

Apart from this, Sulemani is also used as a protective gemstone. Keeping Sulemani Hakik with you does protect you from evil eyes & spirits. That’s why mothers keep this stone around their new-borns.

This stone filled with properties communicates positive energy in the body and naturally balances the person. It has been observed that keeping the stone in the bedroom makes you sleeps well, and the habit of waking up at night gets reduced.

By wearing sulemani Hakik, the person is more focused and dedicated to his goal. It is believed that by wearing it, there is a better performance in the workspace, the mind feels in work and the things of useless do not come to mind. It creates a balance between the heart and brain, which also improves judgment ability.

Sulemani Hakik has also been considered to be very useful for maintaining good relationships. It maintains love in married life. It is a powerful healer and is most beneficial for health problems.

  • Sulemani Hakik stone will help in boosting the confidence of the wearer.
  • It removes negative thoughts and the wearer is freed from anger, confusion, and depression.
  • It has been known to protect the wearer and his/her family from any kind of black magic. If someone thinks he has been tied in black magic then he should definitely wear Sulemani Hakik stone.
  • Concentration power of the wearer is increased with the effects of Sulemani Hakik stone.
  • It is the only gemstone having the magical powers to protect the wearer from any kind of black magic and the evil eye. If you think the frequent turbulence at home and losses in the business are because of the black magic then you must get this stone immediately.
  • If you or some family member is constantly falling sick then wearing Sulemani Hakik will help in the healing.
  • If you are facing hurdles in the professional life or business then Sulemani Hakik will help you overcome these hurdles. It will also help you be strong in difficult times.
  • The protective stone will save the wearer and the family from any external threats. It is also effective in avoiding evil spirits. For the same reason, it is recommended to mothers of infants.
  • Pregnant ladies are vulnerable to negative energies. Sulemani Hakik will protect them from any threats.
  • Renders the wearer with internal quietude and strength.
  • Beneficial in fighting stress.
  • Helps in maintaining contact with divine forces and enkindling spiritual awareness.
  • Balances the yin and yang, that is, the positive and negative energy.
  • Creates a body equilibrium which is specifically beneficial for aged people.
  • Induces sleep and battles nightmares
  • Helps in digestion and improves metabolism
  • Heals muscle, joint and lymphatic pains.
  • Boosts sexual powers, Calms sexual tension and pulls a rein on marital disputes.
  • Helps in pregnancy and breast cancer.
  • Improves focus
  • Controls blood circulation and cures skin problems as well.


Once worn as an amulet, Sulemani Hakik was used by Persian magicians to divert storms. It should preferably be worn on Saturdays after prayers and by Muslims after their Friday prayers, even better, after doing some charity work.

It brings the wearer closer to God. Sulemani Hakik can be worn as a ring. Replacing precious gemstones with Hakik will give effective results. Mala is another way to carry this stone. Hakik Mala is used for improving willpower and concentration. It also soothes fears and is considered very powerful.

Sulamani Hakik can be worn as a bracelet or in orb jewellery. You can also use the stone as a pendant. Slide it down a chain and let it hang freely on your neck, exuding positive energy all throughout your body.

Sulaimani Hakik stone can be worn by any person (woman, man and child) and there is no side effect. This stone must be energized before wearing. It will ensure the maximum benefits are received by the wearer. Saturday is the best day to wear this stone. And its best to be worn in the neck.

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