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by Maya TLM 20 Jun 2022


Deriving its name from the fiery orange, yellow and red colours, the Sunstone, also called the Aventurine-Feldspar is one of the magical gemstones out there outshines in the light of the sun which makes it highly attractive. The spiritual meaning of Sunstone is the representation of the ultimate energetic source of light, warmth, and life on our planet.

The crystal is symbolic of warmth, emotional clarity and inner strength that helps those who struggle with self-confidence and assurance. Not many people know about this beautiful crystal and even less know about the benefits it brings to enhance a person's personality in terms of bringing mental clarity and expressing yourself. It is found in Norway, Greece, Russia and India.

The Sunstone was uncovered first in the Fjord sweeping lands of Norway, it was said that the Vikings used this shimmering bright stone as a compass to find their way across the cold cobalt blue waters and onto greener pastures. Sunstone has crept to every corner of myth and legend with even the Ancient Greeks believing that this precious piece of warmth came from the sun god.

Along with healing qualities, granting joy and gifting direction to those who feel unsure of which way to turn, the Sunstone is said to harness the power of the sun. It can lend light where there is darkness, bring warmth where there is cold, gift vitality where there is sluggish energy.

Sunstone is a stone of divine masculine energy. As a perfect complementary stone to Moonstone, Sunstone embodies the universal life force energy which centres around expansion, action, forward movement, and linear qualities. By working with Sunstone, you can begin to develop your masculine qualities, regardless of your gender.

Similarly, Sunstone has been used to treat rheumatism throughout history. By sitting in the sun and surrounding themselves with Sunstones, patients could receive the powerful healing which this stone can provide. Also, having extended contact with Sunstones has been said to provide relief to feet and spinal problems.

Sunstone also carries in it the power of the colour orange as well as the sacral chakra. Both of these energetic focal points pertain to your creativity, your leadership, your free will, and also your sexuality.

By working with Sunstone, you can refocus on pursuing the passions and drives that light a fire in your soul. This stone is not about inner reflection; it’s about outer action, taking charge, manifesting your dreams, and improving your can-do attitude.

Sunstone also works to improve movement, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It increases your joy and metabolism, leading to increased levels of heat and exertion.

By working with Sunstone, you may be more able to enter into a new beginning or new chapter of your life. The Hindu god Ganesha is often depicted in Sunstone sculptures for his representation as the god of new beginnings.


You will never run out of reasons to love this stone because it’s ripe with wonderful and positive energies.

Sunstone is all about freedom, self-empowerment, and independence, and this stone can indeed be your best companion!

It will make you appreciate the fact that you can make decisions about your life, that you are free to do whatever you want, and that you can love whoever you want to love.

Sunstone will remind you that you are doing a good job building a life for yourself. This stone will encourage you to keep working hard to achieve your dreams.

It’s a stone of leadership that will showcase your abilities, strength of mind, and expanded consciousness.

Sunstone is a joyful stone because it reflects the qualities of light. It invites you to be open, warm, and kind. It will bring about a willingness to give joy and happiness to others.

Sunstone carries with it energies of originality and inspiration. If you ever feel stuck or unproductive, and if you ever feel like you are not able to churn out new and effective ideas, just hold this stone in your hands. It will feel like a switch has been turned on and ideas will just naturally flow.

It will encourage you to reveal your hidden talents. It will heighten your sensuality and give romance a surge of freshness.

It will bring you luck in all aspects of your life and energize all your chakras. It will give you stability and mental clarity.

Sunstone will give you an extra boost of energy when you’re feeling stressed or under the weather. It’s a natural anti-depressant, so it will also keep sad thoughts and emotions away.

It will fill your life with enthusiasm, optimism, and encouragement. Its energies will make you feel glad to be alive, and you will be filled with energy and cheer.

Sunstone will dispel irrational fears that are preventing you from achieving your dreams or finding the love that you desire.

It will increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

This is a particularly good stone to have for people who find it hard to say no.

People aspiring to be politicians or already politicians should wear this stone. It brings responsibility and leadership qualities to the wearer. Sunstone has the potential to take the person to higher status and power. It also earns respect from others.

Sunstone results in an increase in a person’s creativity. People who want fame can wear this because it attracts fame and wealth. 

Sunstone, like it’s ruler himself, displays love. So, you are likely to experience romance in your life. It cleanses the aura of the wearer to give a much more positive vibe.


Sunstone promotes and improves the self-healing powers of the wearer by regulating the autonomous nervous system.

Diseases and ailments due to the sudden change of weather.

Throat problems like sore throats can also be cured.

There will be cures to problems in cartilage, stomach ulcers and cardiac shortcomings.

It also does a much more unique and important work of aligning the chakras, especially the solar plexus and sacral chakras. The lighter shades of Sunstone are ideal for solar plexus chakra and the darker ones for the sacral chakra.

Sunstones also improve the efficiency of all organs, because it regulates the resonance and ‘chemistry’ of the organs.

It also acts as an excellent cure for chronic body and joint aches. Due to the increase in metabolism, it helps to lose weight.


When placed on the solar plexus as a locket or a pendant, it can calm a person of anxiety. Sunstone also gains mental peace and mental stability. It bring about freedom and happiness in a person’s life. It also restores sweetness in your life and will nurture like the Mother Earth herself, bestowing all her love.

As someone who constantly experiences nightmares and horrifying dreams, you can try to keep it under your pillow so that it can also it’s power.

If you are someone who struggles with continuing your workouts, you can start wearing this to increase your vitality and energy. Sunstone can lighten up one’s bad moods and can be a natural anti-depressant.

People who are sensitive can wear this because it gets him/her self-confidence. Since it is also associated with the sacral chakra, it gives rise to what we call ‘gut feeling’.

Sunstone clears the mind of unwanted thoughts, leading to somewhat easier meditation. It should be worn adjacent to the pineal gland to give the maximum benefit.


Sunstone can promote balance and harmony among the body organs so that they will function properly. It also has the ability to increase the self-healing abilities of the body.

It can help treat chronic sore throats and reduce pains related to stomach tension and ulcer. It can also aid in the treatment of cartilage and spinal problems.

Sunstone will help increase your metabolism by improving your digestion and retaining your body’s vitality

It’s very good in treating rheumatism and other general aches and pains. Plus:

  • It can ease symptoms of depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • It can also be very good in stopping night terrors and nightmares.
  • It’s a very good remedy to phobias or stress-related illnesses.


Sunstone is associated with luck and good fortune. When you work hard and tap into the energies of Sunstone, your efforts will be magnified, and favourable results will come your way.

It will restore the enjoyment of life, your good nature, and the flow of abundance.

It will also attract fame or unexpected prosperity.

Sunstone is a good luck crystal when you are joining competitions. In a workplace setting, this stone can bring opportunities for promotion.

It will also dispel stress or fear, and it will protect you from anyone or anything that will drain your finances and your energy.

Sunstone can also encourage your self-belief, and for many of us, this is the best way to attract good luck!

Self-confidence helps you to have faith in your ideas and the directions they take you, not to mention recruit allies and partners who will help realize your goals.

Sunstone shines a light on your ambitions and sparks up your urge to go and make things happen.


Sunstone is also a stone of romance. If you want something to change in your love life, this is your go-to stone.

It can turn a problematic relationship into a stronger and more loving one. If you’re going through a rocky patch, this will help you iron out your differences.

If you want to enhance your power of attraction, always carry this stone with you. Your aura will be more attractive to other people who are also looking for love!

Sunstone will stimulate sexual arousal and increase your sexual energy. It will help you become a more passionate and sensitive lover. It will even address problems related to sexual dysfunction!

It’s a source of strength for anyone in a relationship, especially for someone who relies too much on their partner emotionally.

This is also an excellent stone for those who are suffering from the demise of a relationship or the sudden loss of their partner.

Sunstone will balance your emotional patterns and help you transform into someone that’s worthy of loving and being loved.

Sunstone will turn your hatred into love, and your anger into joy. It will open your eyes to the real meaning of love.

You will be more open to being a blessing to other people with your love, care, and compassion. With the help of your sunstone, you will be stronger and better at love and romance.


- Meditation : Place it in the area in which you intend to meditate, or just hold it during meditation. It will help shine illuminating light on which has been troubling you. Its light influences will protect you from darker energies that might do you psychic harm if you move towards them unprepared.

- Bringing Sunstone into your home is an easy way to lend light to a space that sometimes holds a gloomy energy. It brings a sweeter sense of positivity, to keep the energy clear, light and flowing. Placing it in the office, creative studio, or anywhere you need some extra clarity, the Sunstone is a sublime offering.

- Carrying sunstone in your purse or pocket ensures that you have your crystal available to you whenever and wherever. If you find yourself feeling down or low, bring out your Sunstone and hold it to uplift your spirit.


If you own a Sunstone and use it often, it will need to be cleared and cleansed regularly.

The clearing process is necessary before using any stone for healing because the clearer the energy of a healing stone is, the more powerful it will be.

Your Sunstone needs to be cleansed as soon as you buy them and after every use. A ready and clean Sunstone feels positive, bright, tingly, and cold to the touch.

You will know when your Sunstone needs cleansing when it starts to feel hot, heavy, or drained. There are many ways to effectively cleanse your Sunstone.


Sea salt gets rid of any kind of negativity and is a very effective disinfectant of both physical and psychic disruptions.

Use sea salt every time your Sunstone is overloaded with negative energy. Just a tablespoon of sea salt and a glass of cold water is all you need. Let your Sunstone soak overnight.

To use dry salt, place some in a non-plastic container, and leave the Sunstones there overnight.


Moonlight is another method of cleansing your Sunstone. Simply place it outside on a full moon or a new moon.

Try to avoid placing them under the direct heat of the sun because their colours may fade, or they may break or crack.


Crystals may also be buried into the earth. This is especially helpful when you feel that your Sunstone needs deep cleansing.

Just head outside and dig a hole the same size of your Sunstone, placing it point down and covering it with the soil. 


Finally, you can also cleanse your Sunstone by running them under cool tap water.

During this process, visualize the Sunstone as sparkly, tingly, cold, and belonging to just you!

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