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Tiger's Eye


by Crystal Healer 02 Sep 2021


The Tiger eye Crystal is a mysterious, powerful, respected and feared charm. It thinks of giving the user the ability to observe everything, even through closed doors.

They were chosen by the Egyptians to express their sacred vision for the eyes in their divine status and were believed to provide the protection of god of the growing country, the sun to the world.

The Tiger eye crystal portrays courage, honesty and the right power in connection with the magical tiger, king of the beast in Eastern mythology. The Roman soldiers carried it to deflect weapons and to be brave in battle

Throughout history, prosperity and good fortune are considered to protect one’s resources and reflect evil or threats from others.

Tiger eye crystal is warm and radiant that synthesizes the frequencies of the sun and the world, and brings stability and awareness when integrating spirituality into physical realms.

It teaches the balance between extremism, carries right and wrong, good and bad to one of the world of duality, dark and lightness, and provides an understanding of the fundamental unity behind the obvious opposites

Tiger eye crystal brings a more practical and compassionate logic to one’s preferences and helps them reflect the moment with every action in the world.

Tiger eye crystal, one of the most effective methods of eye formation, is a stone that brings clarity to the person’s inner vision and is constantly awake to better understand the cause and effect of each situation. It encourages a person to use their power wisely and enables dispersed information to be transformed into a cohesive whole.

The tiger’s eye supports the necessary changes in every aspect of its life, enabling the strengthening of Will and openness to manifest at the highest level. It inspires creativity, uses one’s talents, and is great for good judgment that is needed to promote wealth and protect it.

Benefits Of Tiger Eye Crystal

  • Keep the tiger’s eye to keep a regular flow of money to the house and bring good luck. Ideal for entrepreneurs and first-time business people.

  • Tiger eye is also very important for them to build skills and knowledge for important career changes in the future.

  • The tiger eye is a stimulus to the generosity and encourages someone to try their artistic and creative talents, their physical abilities and new things.

  • It is used as a support for determination to compete for exams, competitions, defeats during public demonstrations, to bring personality to the forefront, or to present ideas at important meetings.

  • Use or carry the tiger eye increases inner vision and perception in unusual places or circumstances and to protect against the negative intentions of others.

  • Tiger eye crystal sharpens the senses that help pay attention to the details and prepare for positive action.

  • It helps when situations and things happen too fast. It is one of the best tool to solve a crisis and provides excellent support when you fear to make a decision.

  • Use quick thinking, sizing someone’s character, and understanding the consequences of one’s behavior.

  • Tiger eye is a blood emollient, it increases vitality and strength and restores the balance of the body at every level.

  • It is thought that it balances the endocrine system which brings the level of hormone to normal and promotes fertility and can solve problems arising from past experiences.

  • The tiger eye crystal placed on both sides of the head balances the hemispheres of the brain energetically and can relieve seasonal mood disorder and depression, as it holds the energy of the sun.

  • It is effective for alleviating nightmares and relieves asthma attacks and angina and helps to lower blood pressure.

  • Tiger eye crystal is traditionally used to improve the night vision of the eyes. It helps to relieve stomach and gallbladder problems and relieves jams.

  • It can also be used to strengthen the alignment of the spine and to promote the repair of broken bones.

  • Draw Tiger eye to increase strength, emotional stability, and energy levels while working with lifestyle changes and health enhancement routines.

  • It reduces cravings for the wrong foods and helps reduce the use of excessive smoking, prescription drugs, or alcohol.

  • It also reduces anxiety caused by feelings of isolation or inadequacy and helps to avoid stubbornness throughout the long haul.

  • Tiger eye crystal is practical and equilibrium, it is striking in alleviating tensions in the families and in situations where the difference in visibility or expression is contradictory.

  • Encourages harmony among people with different perspectives, religious beliefs or lifestyles to see both sides of a topic and find common ground.

  • It is a great talisman for professional mediators as well as a talisman for anyone entering challenging negotiations. 









All these crystals are 100% original and natural. Nature imprints its contours on its creation so be happy to accept crack marks, holes and color variations in your collection. This assures that its 100% natural and Authentic.

Information provided is learnt from experience of various healers to help healers/ believers. This is any case is not any alternative to medical advice.

Use of the product is the personal choice of the user and the result cannot be guaranteed.

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