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What to Do with Broken Crystals


by Crystal Healer 06 Sep 2021

Crystals can be very fragile. And sometimes, much to our dismay, they break. Just like any other object in our house, crystals are prone to wear and tear. We can’t always keep them perfectly safe, despite our best efforts.

It is always extremely devastating when a crystal breaks into pieces. We love and cherish our crystals – our hearts break right along with them.

But having broken crystals can be bittersweet, too. Because crystals have their own consciousness ( similar to plants ) and they are bound to go through changes in their lifetime. So when they break apart, it really is for the crystal’s highest good. Even if that’s hard for us to remember in our grief.

We should have already experienced so many different crystals in our collection breaking. And every time this makes us miserable; it feels like losing a member of the family.

You might feel silly for being so sad over a busted rock. But you are not alone AND you are totally justified in your emotions.

We tend to form special bonds with our stones especially after they have supported us unconditionally with their energy. That means we will mourn the loss of their energy just like anyone else.

In this blog post we will share why crystals break, what the spiritual meaning of it is, and what to do with them once they are broken. 


Besides obvious physics, there are many reasons why crystals break. Nothing in the Universe is random, therefore broken crystals mean something more than just the result of physics.

It’s easy to explain away crystals breaking. They fall off shelves, they get dropped, they break in transit, etc. But nothing in this Universe is so black and white.

Sure, the crystal may have been dropped, but there’s more to it than that. Maybe the crystal called out to that person who dropped it because it needed / wanted to get dropped. In this example, the crystal breaking was no accident.

Below are a few spiritual reasons why a crystal might break. It could be one two, or all three at once:

      1. It needs an epic energetic release

Cleansing crystals is very important and often overlooked. If too much icky energy gets stuck inside the crystal, it will likely snap. This helps the crystal release the unwanted energy out of its aura and back into the Universe.

Not all crystals hold onto negative energy, while others specialize in that ability ( like malachite ). This is the most common reason why a crystal will burst open – it desperately needed to release some tension. And usually the break will be clean if this is the reason.

      2. It wants to share its energy with more people

Crystals have a purpose in life just like we do. They are here on Earth with us to bring healing, hope, love, among many other things. For some crystals, their purpose can be achieved by connecting with only a handful of people. Other crystals wish to spread their energy far and wide!

Broken crystals still maintain their energy in each of the individual pieces. If those pieces were to be separated, the crystal’s energy could potentially help multiple people simultaneously.

The crystal pieces maintain a strong spiritual connection with each other, even if they get separated. Crystal pieces can be a really special gift to give someone else because the energy is shared between you.

      3. It is ready for Ascension

Every living being on Earth is experiencing Ascension right now. This is the evolution of our soul which results in literal physical and spiritual shifts.

Humans can go through Ascension symptoms such as migraines, tinnitus and sore muscles, to name a few. We Ascend higher the more we learn our life lessons and the more we fulfill our life purpose.

Crystals can also go through various Ascension symptoms. The more opportunities they have to fulfill their purpose, the higher their vibration gets. Eventually their vibration will get so high that the crystal breaks. Its energy is then released back into the Universe where it continues its Ascension journey. Similar to how we experience physical death as humans.


So how does one figure out the spiritual reason why their crystal broke? The easiest and fastest way to find out is to simply ask. Ask the crystal itself, ask your Higher Self, ask your Spirit Guides. The answer isn’t hard to find, you just have to trust your intuition and listen carefully.

Whenever a crystal breaks because it wasn’t cleansed, always get an overwhelming feel of its energy as soon as it happens. As if that’s the first time the crystal has radiated its own energy. It suddenly feels heavier more dense, and almost better off.

If a crystal breaks because it wants to be shared with others, it will start receiving some pretty obvious synchronicities. Like a friend telling me they are focusing on developing an abundance mindset right after a piece of pyrite breaks.

And finally, when a crystal has fully served its purpose and Ascends, we  get the sense that the crystal is lifeless. As if it is a corpse. It feels light, dull, and almost flimsy. We don’t necessarily feel the special crystalline energy of it anymore.


This question can be tricky to answer. As mentioned above, sometimes a crystal will break because it “ dies ” so to speak. It’s no good to us on Earth anymore. Other times, a crystal will break simply because it needed a good cleanse. Therefore its energy would be stronger than ever after breaking.

The usability of broken crystals really depends on the reasoning behind the break in the first place. It is possible to use them for healing, depending on the circumstances.

We firmly believe that you can still use broken crystals for healing. Broken crystals are not “ bad luck ” because luck is an illusion. Nothing is random. But it’s always up to the individual and their unique viewpoints.

The main thing to consider when using a broken crystal is potential physical hazards. There might be sharp edges or other fault lines on the crystal that could cause more damage if you’re not careful.

If a crystal breaks because it wants to spread its energy outward, then you definitely don’t want to deny it that experience. If a crystal breaks because it was ready for Ascension, then it might be best to move on.


The very first thing you should do with your broken crystal is figure out why it broke. Go beyond how the crystal broke, as discussed above. How the crystal broke really isn’t important. It’s all about the WHY.

After you determine that the crystal is still “ alive ” you’ll want to cleanse it really well using your preferred method. It probably really needs it.

Forgive yourself, or whoever was responsible for the break. Sometimes no one is responsible. Regardless you don’t want to hold onto any grudges. Remember that crystals CHOOSE to break when they need it. In the end, it’s all for their highest good.

Below is a list of things you can do with your broken crystals :

      1. Return them to the Earth

This is the best thing you could do with a crystal that has Ascended. Simply bury the crystal in the ground outside ( preferably at least a foot under the surface ). Say a little prayer for it if you feel so called. Give the crystal as an offering to a beautiful tree or meadow.

This is like having a funeral for your crystal. All energy is only borrowed and must be returned one day. Giving a broken crystal back to Gaia is a wonderful way to honor its energy and where it came from.

This also has the added bonus of the crystal potentially being rediscovered in the future by someone who needs it. If that were to happen, the crystal would have new life and new goals!

      2. Gift them to other people

The most favorable way to spread crystal love is gifting them to people who want / need them. Most broken crystals do want to be given as gifts. We get the sense they no longer belong in our home because there is a new home waiting for them somewhere else.

Buying crystals from a store isn’t for everyone. So many people nowadays are fascinated by energy healing and want to learn more, but have no idea where to start. Beginners like this make perfect recipients for broken crystals.

      3. Spread them out around the house

Just because a crystal breaks doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give it away. It might still want to be with you. But maybe it wants to take up more space in your home so its energy is more evenly distributed.

Creating a crystal grid of sorts on a big scale or placing the crystal pieces throughout our home has many more uses than did for the big piece.

      4. Create art with them

What happens when the broken crystal pieces are too small to work with or even store safely ? In that case, consider making a unique piece of healing home decor! You could secure the pieces to a beautifully painted canvas, piece of wood, or anything else creative.

If your crystal pieces are a little bigger, you could use them to make healing crystal jewelry, That way your crystal is still providing lots of healing benefits and has a new lease on life.

      5. Glue them back together ( proceed with caution )

We have known people to glue their crystals back together. Sometimes they say the crystal is happier than ever and you can’t even tell it’s cracked. Other times they say they really regret gluing it because the crystal doesn’t seem to like the glue itself. Again, listen to your intuition.

If you do decide to glue your crystal back together, recommend using E600 superglue. It basically turns to clear cement when it dries and it’s very easy to find.


Sometimes crystals break, and it’s okay ! It’s all for the best. They are still just as beautiful, just as energetic, and just as willing to assist us. We hope you feel inspired to look at your broken crystals a little bit differently now !

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