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Shop For ₹899 and get 5% Off

Shop For ₹1499 and get 10% Off

Shop For ₹1999 and get 12% Off

Shop For ₹899 and get 5% Off

Shop For ₹1499 and get 10% Off

Shop For ₹1999 and get 12% Off

Shop For ₹899 and get 5% Off

Shop For ₹1499 and get 10% Off

Shop For ₹1999 and get 12% Off

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7 Chakra Tree: 2.5Ft, 3000 chips
7 Chakra Tree: 2.5Ft, 3000 chips
7 Chakra Tree: 2.5Ft, 3000 chips
7 Chakra Tree: 2.5Ft, 3000 chips
7 Chakra Tree: 2.5Ft, 3000 chips
7 Chakra Tree: 2.5Ft, 3000 chips
7 Chakra Tree: 2.5Ft, 3000 chips
7 Chakra Tree: 2.5Ft, 3000 chips



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Quick Guide

The 7 Chakra Tree symbolizes balance and alignment, featuring crystals representing each energy center to harmonize mind, body, and spirit.
Cleanse the tree gently to maintain its energy, enhancing its ability to support chakra balancing and alignment.
Display it prominently in your space to promote positivity and spiritual well-being, creating a serene ambiance.
Meditate near the tree to connect with its energy and balance your chakras, fostering inner peace and vitality.

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    7 Chakra Tree: Harmonize Energies with Illuminated Elegance

    Introducing our 7 Chakra Tree, a magnificent 2.5-foot masterpiece adorned with 3000 vibrantly colored chips and enhanced by an ambient light strip. This exquisite tree not only serves as a visually stunning décor piece but also aligns and balances the seven chakras, creating an atmosphere of harmony and positive energy in any space.

    Tree Features:

    • 7 Chakra Chips: Each branch is embellished with 3000 chips representing the seven chakras—Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown—creating a vibrant and balanced energy flow.
    • Illuminating Light Strip: The addition of an ambient light strip enhances the visual appeal, creating a soothing and captivating glow that complements the chakra colors.
    • Sturdy Base: The tree stands securely on a stable base, ensuring durability and providing an elegant focal point for any room.

    Energetic Benefits:

    • Chakra Alignment: The 7 Chakra Tree promotes balance and alignment of the body's energy centers, fostering a sense of well-being and vitality.
    • Positive Atmosphere: The combination of vibrant chakra colors and the soft illumination creates a positive and uplifting ambiance, ideal for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual practices.
    • Decorative and Functional: Beyond its energetic benefits, the tree serves as a striking decorative piece, adding an element of elegance and metaphysical significance to your space.

    How to Display:

    • Central Décor: Place the 7 Chakra Tree in a central location, such as a living room or meditation space, to radiate its harmonizing energies throughout the room.
    • Meditation Focus: Utilize the tree as a focal point during meditation sessions, allowing the chakra colors to enhance your energy flow and spiritual connection.
    • Gift of Balance: Gift this illuminated chakra tree to friends, family, or loved ones, offering them a unique and meaningful token of balance and positivity.

    Care and Display: To maintain the vibrant energy and appearance of the 7 Chakra Tree, occasional dusting is recommended. The light strip adds a delightful touch and can be easily turned on/off, enhancing the visual allure of this metaphysical masterpiece.

    Elevate your space with the harmonizing energies of the 7 Chakra Tree, combining illuminated elegance with the ancient wisdom of chakra alignment for a truly enchanting experience.


    1x Cleaning Cloth


    1x Authenticity Card (N/A to all)


    1x Punch Box


    1x User Manual


    1x Rigid Box


    1x Product

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    Most Asked Questions

    A 7 Chakra Tree, also known as a Crystal Chakra Tree or Gemstone Tree, is a decorative ornament crafted from various gemstones and crystals arranged to resemble the branches of a tree. Each branch of the tree is adorned with different colored gemstones representing the seven main chakras of the body: Root Chakra (Red), Sacral Chakra (Orange), Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow), Heart Chakra (Green or Pink), Throat Chakra (Blue), Third Eye Chakra (Indigo), and Crown Chakra (Violet or White). The trunk of the tree is often made of a natural material such as wood or metal, and the base may be adorned with crystals or gemstones to represent the grounding energy of the Earth. 7 Chakra Trees are not only aesthetically pleasing but also carry symbolic and metaphysical significance, serving as a visual reminder of the importance of balance, harmony, and alignment within the body, mind, and spirit.

    A 7 Chakra Tree can be used as a powerful tool for healing, meditation, and spiritual growth. By aligning the gemstones with the corresponding chakras, the tree can help balance and harmonize the energy centers within the body, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. To use a 7 Chakra Tree for healing, place it in a prominent location in your home or sacred space where you can easily see and interact with it. Take a few moments each day to sit quietly in front of the tree, focusing your attention on each chakra as you visualize its corresponding color and energy. You can also gently touch or hold the gemstones on the tree while reciting affirmations or mantras related to each chakra. By working with the 7 Chakra Tree regularly, you can release blockages, clear stagnant energy, and enhance the flow of vital life force energy throughout your body, promoting balance, vitality, and inner harmony.

    Having a 7 Chakra Tree in your home or sacred space offers a multitude of benefits for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Some of the key benefits include: - Balance and Alignment: The gemstones on the tree correspond to the seven main chakras of the body, helping to balance and align the energy centers for optimal health and vitality. - Healing and Transformation: By working with the energy of each chakra, the 7 Chakra Tree can support healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. - Meditation and Mindfulness: The tree serves as a focal point for meditation and mindfulness practices, helping to quiet the mind, deepen awareness, and cultivate inner peace. - Decorative and Inspirational: In addition to its healing properties, the 7 Chakra Tree is a beautiful and decorative piece that adds a touch of inspiration and positivity to any space. Whether placed on a desk, altar, or shelf, the tree serves as a visual reminder of the importance of balance, harmony, and alignment in life.

    When choosing a 7 Chakra Tree, trust your intuition and let your heart guide you to the one that resonates most with your energy and intentions. Consider the following factors to help you find the right tree for you: - Intention: Set a clear intention or purpose for why you want a 7 Chakra Tree. Whether you're seeking healing, balance, or spiritual growth, let your intention guide your selection process. - Appearance: Pay attention to the colors, shapes, and overall appearance of the tree. Choose one that appeals to your aesthetic preferences and evokes a sense of joy and inspiration. - Size and Placement: Consider where you plan to place the tree in your home or sacred space and choose a size that fits comfortably in that area. - Energy and Vibes: Take time to connect with the energy of the tree by holding it in your hands or simply being near it. Notice how it makes you feel and whether it resonates with your energy. Trust your instincts and choose the tree that feels most aligned with your vibration.

    Cleansing and energizing your 7 Chakra Tree is essential for maintaining its vibrational purity and effectiveness as a healing tool. Here are some simple methods to cleanse and energize your tree: - Sunlight: Place your tree in direct sunlight for a few hours to absorb the cleansing and revitalizing energy of the sun. Be mindful not to leave it in the sun for too long, especially if it contains delicate gemstones that may fade or become damaged. - Moonlight: Leave your tree outside under the light of the full moon to absorb the purifying and rejuvenating energy of the moon. This is especially beneficial for cleansing and charging the gemstones with lunar energy. - Sage or Palo Santo: Use a smudge stick of sage or palo santo to purify the energy of your tree by gently wafting the smoke over and around it. This will help clear away any negative or stagnant energy and restore its natural vibrational resonance. - Sound: Use a sound healing tool such as a singing bowl, tuning fork, or sacred mantra to bathe your tree in healing vibrations. Simply sound the instrument or chant the mantra near the tree to infuse it with positive energy and harmony. - Intentions: Set a clear intention to cleanse and energize your tree by focusing your thoughts and intentions on clearing away any energetic debris and infusing it with fresh, vibrant energy. Visualize a bright white light surrounding the tree, purifying and revitalizing its energy field.

    Stones Used

    This product features carefully chosen stones, adding beauty and sophistication to its design.

    Customer Reviews

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    There was no light strip as mentioned The tree looks good otherwise

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