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Shop For ₹899 and get 5% Off

Shop For ₹1499 and get 10% Off

Shop For ₹1999 and get 12% Off

Shop For ₹899 and get 5% Off

Shop For ₹1499 and get 10% Off

Shop For ₹1999 and get 12% Off

Shop For ₹899 and get 5% Off

Shop For ₹1499 and get 10% Off

Shop For ₹1999 and get 12% Off

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Heart Chakra

Quick Guide

Uses and Versatility: Tree agate tumble stone is a versatile crystal that promotes abundance, growth, and connection with nature. It can be used for meditation, energy healing, and grounding exercises. It can also enhance the energy of plants and gardens.
Chakra and Metaphysical Properties: Tree agate is associated with the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and compassion. It has a calming energy that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, bringing balance and stability to the mind and body.
Birth Group and Potential Benefits: Tree agate is particularly beneficial for those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. It aids in communication, enhancing self-expression and confidence. It also supports personal growth, inner strength, and positive life changes.
Unique Characteristics: Tree agate has a unique appearance with green and white patterns resembling leaves or branches. Its energy resonates with the natural world, making it an ideal crystal for nature lovers and those seeking a deeper connection with the earth.

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    Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet: Elegance Meets Strength

    Step into the realm of refined strength with our Tiger's Eye and Black Matte Bracelet—a harmonious blend of natural beauty and contemporary style. Meticulously crafted, this bracelet combines the grounding energy of Tiger's Eye with the sleek sophistication of black matte beads, creating a wearable symbol of resilience and elegance.

    Bracelet Features:

    • Tiger's Eye Brilliance: Marvel at the golden luster of Tiger's Eye beads, carefully interspersed with black matte beads for a modern aesthetic.
    • Stretch Design: The bracelet is strung on a durable stretch cord, ensuring a comfortable fit for various wrist sizes and easy wearability.

    Energetic Benefits:

    • Courage and Confidence: Tiger's Eye is renowned for instilling courage and confidence, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with resilience.
    • Grounding Influence: The grounding energy of Tiger's Eye, coupled with the stability of black matte beads, fosters a balanced and centered mindset.
    • Style with Purpose: Wear the bracelet as a stylish accessory that not only complements your attire but also serves as a constant reminder of your inner strength.

    How to Wear:

    1. Everyday Elegance: Incorporate the bracelet into your daily wardrobe, effortlessly adding a touch of sophistication and strength to your look.
    2. Stacking Harmony: Pair the Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet with other complementary bracelets to create a stacked, personalized style.
    3. Intention Setting: Infuse the bracelet with your intentions, using it as a wearable talisman to manifest your goals.

    Chakra Connection:

    • Solar Plexus Chakra: Tiger's Eye resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, promoting vitality, personal power, and a strong sense of self.

    Care Instructions:

    • Energetic Cleansing: Periodically cleanse the bracelet to maintain its optimal energy. Use methods like moonlight exposure, smudging, or placing it on a bed of sea salt.

    Adorn your wrist with the Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet—a versatile and empowering accessory that effortlessly merges elegance with the enduring strength of Tiger's Eye.

    and Black Matte stones. This bracelet not only enhances your style but also brings a multitude of benefits for your empowerment and protection.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    Empowerment and Confidence: Tiger's Eye is known as the stone of empowerment, courage, and confidence. Wearing the Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet can help you tap into your inner strength, boost your self-esteem, and embrace your personal power. It encourages you to take action, make decisions, and face challenges with determination and resilience.

    Protection and Grounding: Black Matte stones are renowned for their protective and grounding properties. They create a shield of energy that helps deflect negative influences and keep you grounded in the present moment. The combination of Tiger's Eye and Black Matte in this bracelet offers a harmonious blend of strength, protection, and stability.

    Clarity and Focus: Tiger's Eye is believed to enhance mental clarity and sharpen your focus. It helps clear away distractions, boost concentration, and improve decision-making abilities. By wearing the Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet, you can experience a heightened sense of clarity, enabling you to stay focused on your goals and aspirations.

    Using the Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet:

    To fully harness the energies of the Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet, we recommend the following practices:

    Intention Setting: Before wearing the bracelet, take a moment to set your intentions. Focus on what you seek to achieve, whether it's empowerment, protection, or clarity. State your intentions clearly and visualize the bracelet amplifying and supporting your desired outcomes.

    Daily Wear: Wear the Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet regularly to allow its energies to align with yours. By keeping it close, you can experience the empowering and protective effects throughout the day, whether you're at work, engaged in activities, or practicing meditation.

    Cleansing and Charging the Bracelet:

    To maintain the optimal energy flow of your Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet, consider the following cleansing and charging methods:

    Selenite Cleansing: Both Tiger's Eye and Black Matte stones can be cleansed by placing them on a Selenite charging plate or near a Selenite crystal. Selenite has purifying properties that can help clear any negative energies absorbed by the stones.

    Sunlight Charging: Tiger's Eye stones resonate with the energy of the sun. Place your bracelet in sunlight for a few hours to recharge its energy and revitalize its natural radiance. However, be cautious as prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade the colors of the bracelet.

    Origin and Quality Assurance:

    The Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet at The Last Monk is crafted with genuine Tiger's Eye and Black Matte stones sourced from trusted suppliers. We prioritize authenticity and quality, ensuring that each bracelet is carefully crafted to deliver the intended benefits. Rest assured, our products are procured directly from the origin country, providing you with a genuine and ethically sourced bracelet.

    Positioning in Office and House:

    To amplify the empowering and protective energies, consider placing the Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet in spaces where you seek strength, confidence, and stability. In your office, keep it on your desk or in your workspace to enhance productivity, focus, and decision-making. In your home, place it in areas where you want to create a harmonious and grounded atmosphere.

    Unlock your inner power, embrace protection, and radiate confidence with the Tiger's Eye with Black Matte Bracelet from The Last Monk. Shop now and embark on a journey of self-empowerment and balance.

    Disclaimer: Crystal healing is considered an alternative therapy and should not replace professional medical advice. Please consult with a qualified healthcare provider if you have any concerns regarding your health or well-being.


    1x Cleaning Cloth


    1x Authenticity Card (N/A to all)


    1x Punch Box


    1x User Manual


    1x Rigid Box


    1x Product

    Shipping Policy Summary:

    • Eligible Locations: Ships to specific regions; verify shipping address during checkout.
    • Shipping Fees: Based on destination, weight, and dimensions; customs duties and taxes are customer's responsibility.
    • Estimated Delivery Times: Provided as guidelines; subject to change due to external factors.
    • Order Processing Time: Includes verification, packaging, and handover to carrier; time communicated during checkout and in order confirmation.
    • Shipment Tracking: Shipment confirmation email with tracking information; may take time to update.
    • Shipping Carrier and Method: Selection based on various factors; options presented during checkout.
    • Damaged or Lost Shipments: Contact customer support for assistance; not liable for carrier-caused damage/loss but will assist in resolution.
    • Customs Duties and Taxes: International customers responsible for customs-related charges and inquiries.
    • Shipping Restrictions: Legal or logistical restrictions on certain items; may affect international shipments or specific regions.
    • Policy Changes: Subject to modification without prior notice; review periodically for updates.

    Return Policy Summary:

    • Eligibility: Returns within 30 days for unused, undamaged items in original packaging; exclusions apply for personalized/customized/Special Offer items.
    • Return Process: Initiate by contacting customer support ( with order details and reason for return.
    • Return Shipping: Customer bears costs unless item is defective/damaged/incorrect; use traceable method.
    • Refund or Exchange: Processed after item inspection; refunds to original payment method, exchanges subject to availability.
    • Non-Returnable Items: Hygiene-sensitive items, earrings, intimate items, gift cards, and sale items generally not returnable.
    • Damaged/Defective Items: Report immediately with photographic evidence for prompt resolution.
    • Third-Party Purchases: Refer to the retailer's return policy for items bought from third parties.
    • Note: Policy adherence to local laws recommended; consulting with legal professionals advised for comprehensive policy crafting.

    Most Asked Questions

    Tree Agate Tumble Stones are small, polished gemstones crafted from Tree Agate, a type of chalcedony with distinctive green and white banding patterns that resemble the branches and leaves of a tree. These stones have been tumbled and polished to create smooth, rounded shapes, making them comfortable to hold and carry. Each stone exhibits unique patterns and variations, adding to their aesthetic appeal. Tree Agate Tumble Stones are revered not only for their natural beauty but also for their metaphysical properties, which are believed to promote inner peace, growth, and connection with nature. They are commonly used in crystal healing, meditation, and energy work practices.

    Tree Agate Tumble Stones can be used in various crystal healing practices to harness their unique energetic properties and promote holistic well-being. You can place the stones on different parts of the body to balance and align the energy centers (chakras), particularly the heart chakra, which is associated with emotional healing and growth. Additionally, you can hold the stones in your hands during meditation or visualization exercises to deepen your connection with nature and cultivate a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Some practitioners also incorporate Tree Agate Tumble Stones into layouts or grids to create energetic patterns that support growth, vitality, and harmony.

    To cleanse and recharge Tree Agate Tumble Stones, you can use gentle methods to remove any accumulated negative energies and restore their natural vibrancy. Since the stones have been polished, it's essential to avoid harsh cleaning agents or prolonged exposure to water, as this may damage their surface or affect their appearance. Instead, you can cleanse the stones by smudging them with sage or Palo Santo smoke, placing them on a piece of Selenite or Clear Quartz to absorb any negativity, or visualizing white light surrounding and purifying the stones. Set your intention for cleansing and recharging while performing these methods to enhance their effectiveness.

    Tree Agate Tumble Stones are revered for their association with nature and the healing energy of trees. By working with these stones, you can cultivate a deeper connection with the natural world and tap into the restorative power of forests and green spaces. Holding or meditating with Tree Agate Tumble Stones can help you attune to the gentle, nurturing energy of trees, fostering a sense of grounding, stability, and renewal. You can also carry the stones with you during outdoor activities, such as hiking or gardening, to enhance your connection with the earth and draw inspiration from the beauty of the natural surroundings.

    Look for the ORGI seal on your Tree Agate Tumble Stones purchased from "The Last Monk." The ORGI seal indicates authenticity and is a mark of quality control conducted by "The Last Monk" to ensure the genuineness of the product. Additionally, ensure that the tumble stones exhibit the characteristic green and white banding patterns of Tree Agate, with smooth, polished surfaces that reflect their natural beauty. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of your Tree Agate Tumble Stones, you can reach out to "The Last Monk" customer service for verification.

    Stones Used

    This product features carefully chosen stones, adding beauty and sophistication to its design.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Aishwarya Desai

    Lovely tree agate piece, very soothing to hold. Promotes inner stability.

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