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Crowd Share

Round II

About The Last Monk

Founded in 2011 as Atma Heal Foundation Headed by the Master Healer Fayas. Later entered into the ecommerce industry under the brand name of The Last Monk. Which by now, very popular among the crystal lovers in India. It was a great journey from scratch to the state what we are in now. Several years of dedications and hardship, we set a standard in the behavior of crystal selling. Which are now being used by many of other sellers. We are welcoming you to our new family to experience the next level business using this crowd share proposal


We had opened our first retail store @ Mumbai. It is located at India’s Biggest Shopping Mall, Phoenix Market City Mall, Kurla – Mumbai. Which is having a great number of footfalls every day.


Crowd Share II

Crowd share is a method of raising small funds from general public and increasing the company capital. It’s same as crowd funding • We have nominated 49% of the company’s share value to crowd share and kept 1000 number of shares to be sold at a rate of Rs. 10,000/- per share. The total targeted company capital is set to be 1cr. • The share dividend is distributed once in every year. 0.1% of the 49% of the company share would be set as the dividend ratio and will be paid once in every year. • For Eg. Company’s profit is 10cr in a year. Then, 49% of 10cr will be shared to 1000 share holders. Ie., 4.9cr divided among 1000 holders Which equals Rs 49,000.

We have launched this crowd share concept on 2021 November 10th. Our mission to fill 1000 slots were partially filled with 550 slots purchased by 200 people. From November onwards, we were working based on the crowd funding. The last financial year, we had audited the accounts and a percentage of profit were divided to our 550 slots. The people who purchased one slot for Rs. 10,000/- had received a profit of Rs. 2,587.20 in their bank accounts. This profit is the earning each slot accumulated within a duration of only 4 months that too with limited capital.

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Profit Distribution

• The total profit for last 4 months : ₹ 25,09,819.92/- • 49% of the above profit will be divided to all share holders based on the number of days they associated with The Last Monk since November 20, 2021. Since different share holders joined at different point of time, the profit distribution value will be varied. • We will execute the transfer from 27th March 2021 to the respected account numbers provided at the time of share issuance. TOTAL PROFIT (to be distributed) = ₹ 12,29,811.76/ This TOTAL PROFIT was then divided to 550 slots.


• Once you confirm your interest, we will add you to our premium business community on Whats App group. • We will keep you posted on all progress in the telegram group. • We will then start the business and all expenditure and incomes shall be visible to you all. • Quarterly auditing will be done and submitted in the group. • New marketing concepts and ideas to grow the brand can be discussed in the group and can be established. • This will be a great initiative for all of us to work together.