The Premium Wealth Kit - Attract Abundance into Your Life

Premium Wealth Kit

Could your career and finances use a little boost? Are you looking to enhance the positive energy in your home or workspace to promote growth and prosperity?


Introducing our brand new Premium Wealth Kit is for you!


The Premium wealth kit for Attract Abundance into Your Life

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our most powered manifestation set yet - The Premium Wealth Kit. Carefully curated with the selection of the most potent stones and crystals known for their wealth and abundance-enhancing properties, this kit was designed to help you draw more money and career success into your life.

In this blog post, we'll provide an overview of everything included in the kit, the meaning behind each stone and how they work, tips for placement around your home and office, and directions for use. Read on to learn more about how to use The Premium Wealth Kit to unlock new financial and professional opportunities!

The Premium Wealth Kit is available now for ₹ 999. Snag yours at the link below

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What's Included in The Premium Wealth Kit?

The Premium Wealth Kit contains four beautiful crystal and stone specimens, all selected for their ability to boost prosperity. 

The list of items in the kit is:

Pyrite Turtle - The Wealth Attractor

Selenite Tumble Stone - The Aura Booster

Pyrite Pendant - The Wealth Wearer

Tiger's Eye - The Career Guru.


Below we'll provide more details about each piece and how it promotes abundance.

The Meaning Behind Each Stone & Crystal 

Pyrite Turtle

In Feng Shui, turtles represent longevity, endurance, and persistence through challenges to achieve success. Pyrite is also regarded as one of the premier prosperity-boosting stones due to its golden colour and ability to draw money towards its owner.

Pyrite turtle for premium wealth kit

By combining these two symbols into one powerful figurine, the Pyrite Turtle serves as a wealth attractor and prosperity generator. The turtle's steady, persistent movement forward inspires the steady accrual of wealth and abundance.

Suggested Placement: At the front left corner of the desk/workspace

Selenite Tumble Stone 

Selenite is a high-vibration crystal that instils clarity and amplifies the energy of other stones around it. Tumble-polishing it into a smooth orb allows you to easily hold it near you or in areas needing an energetic cleanse. 

Selenite tumbles for premium wealth kit

As an aura booster, selenite strengthens your manifestation abilities, clears blockages inhibiting abundance, and inspires divine universal guidance regarding your path forward. It brings light and radiance to you.

Suggested Uses: Hold it while visualizing career or financial goals, place it by the bedside or on the office desk, and use it during meditation.


Pyrite Pendant

In a wearable personal form, pyrite pendants foster individual wealth and prosperity for the owner. Its shiny golden colour emulates and magnetizes luxury and fortune straight to you. 

Pyrite pendent for premium wealth kit

Pyrite also provides protective and grounding energy to balance the high vibrational manifestations so wealth accrues through persistence, not randomness. This pendant keeps you motivated and anchored.  

Suggested Placement: wear daily close-to-heart or throat chakras

Tiger's Eye 

With its bands of rich golden hue, the tiger's eye represents the duality of prosperity and hard times intertwined. It helps cut through fear and anxiety holding you back from advancement and success.

Tiger's eye tumbles for premium wealth kit

As the tiger's eye stabilises the root chakra, instilling vitality and inspiring practical steps toward steady financial gains. It brings clarity and discernment to career and money matters.

Suggested Placement: At the corner of the workspace or in the career/finance area of a home  

Directions for Use

Now that you're familiar with the meaning and placement of each stone in The Premium Wealth Kit, let's discuss how to start utilizing their full power.

First, find optimal spots for each stone in your home and office according to the above mentioned locations. If you want amplification benefits, cluster multiple stones together. 

Whenever sitting at your workspace, hold the selenite palm up in your non-dominant hand. Use it to aid visualization exercises focused on prosperity goals like landing a promotion or bonus check. Verbalize these ambitions too.  

Wear your pyrite pendant daily so its powers are consistently working for you out in the world. Touch it when you need an extra jolt of productivity, motivation, or protection. 

Gaze periodically at the tiger's eye and pyrite turtle. Let their determination seep into you and ignite sensible action towards new revenue streams. Emulate their purposefulness.  

Finally, pair daily crystal work with appropriate lifestyle adjustments too - whether taking career development courses, networking events, adjusting budgets for higher savings, etc. This kit supercharges efforts with enhanced productivity, focus, energetic vibration, and direction - then offers protection once that wealth starts manifesting!

The Premium Wealth Kit is available now for ₹ 999. Snag yours at the link below

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Draw Prosperity Into Your Sphere with Crystal Magic In our busy modern era, it's easy to feel disconnected from ancient mystic practices. But crystals retain their powerful vibrational energy no matter the year or technology. 

With The new Premium Wealth Kit's combination of purposefully selected crystals and stones, now you can leverage these geological marvels to boost prosperity and abundance at home and work. 

Follow the suggestions above to place each piece around your office and living spaces optimally. Then allow their frequencies to magnify your productivity, crystallize your focus, and magnetize new financial channels. With crystal magic supporting your conscious manifestation efforts, new wealth awaits!


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