Trishul Pyrite Earrings for Men and Women - Channeling Strength and Style

Trishul Pyrite Earrings for Men and Women - Channeling Strength and Style

₹699.00 ₹899.00
Trishul Pyrite Earrings for Men and Women - Channeling Strength and StThe Last Monk
Trishul Pyrite Earrings for Men and Women - Channeling Strength and StThe Last Monk
Trishul Pyrite Earrings for Men and Women - Channeling Strength and StThe Last Monk
Trishul Pyrite Earrings for Men and Women - Channeling Strength and StThe Last Monk



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Unique characteristics: The Trishul Pyrite Earrings are made with Pyrite, a golden-hued stone that is said to promote abundance, prosperity, and success. The earrings also feature a Trishul, a Hindu symbol of protection and power.
Uses: The Trishul Pyrite Earrings can be worn as a fashion statement or as a way to connect with the metaphysical properties of the stones. They can also be worn for meditation or other spiritual practices.
Metaphysical Properties: Pyrite is said to have the following metaphysical properties: Abundance: It is said to attract abundance and prosperity. Success: It is said to promote success in all areas of life. Protection: It is said to protect the wearer from negative energy. Power: It is said to increase the wearer's personal power and confidence.
Potential Benefits: The Trishul Pyrite Earrings are said to offer a number of potential benefits, including: Increased wealth: It is said to attract abundance and prosperity. Improved career: It is said to promote success in all areas of life. Enhanced protection: It is said to protect the wearer from negative energy. Increased confidence: It is said to increase the wearer's personal power and confidence.

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Trishul Pyrite Earrings for Men and Women - Channeling Strength and Style

ntroducing the Trishul Pyrite Earrings, a sophisticated blend of style and symbolism designed for both men and women. Elevate your fashion statement with these unique earrings that showcase the mystique of pyrite, adorned with the powerful trishul motif. Whether worn by him or her, these earrings are a bold expression of individuality and refined taste.

Earring Features:

  • Pyrite Gemstones: The earrings feature pyrite gemstones known for their metallic luster and protective energy. Pyrite is believed to inspire confidence and promote positive energy.
  • Trishul Motif: The trishul, a sacred symbol associated with Lord Shiva, adds a touch of spirituality and strength to the earrings, making them more than just accessories.
  • Unisex Design: Crafted for both men and women, these earrings are a versatile addition to any wardrobe, effortlessly elevating your style.

Symbolic Meaning: Pyrite is often associated with vitality, confidence, and the manifestation of one's goals. The trishul, representing Lord Shiva's powerful trident, symbolizes divine power and protection. Together, these elements create earrings that carry a blend of strength and positive energy.

Perfect for Everyday Wear:

  • Casual Elegance: Add a touch of elegance to your everyday style, whether it's a casual outing or a special occasion.
  • Spiritual Significance: Embrace the spiritual undertones of the trishul motif, making these earrings suitable for those seeking both style and symbolic meaning.
  • Versatile Fashion: The unisex design allows these earrings to complement various outfits, from casual attire to more formal ensembles.

Care and Maintenance: To preserve the brilliance of the pyrite gemstones and the intricate trishul motif, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and moisture. Gently wipe with a soft cloth to maintain the earrings' natural shine.

Elevate Your Style: The Trishul Pyrite Earrings offer a fusion of fashion and spirituality, making them a unique addition to your accessory collection. Whether worn by men or women, these earrings make a bold statement, reflecting both personal style and a connection to timeless symbolism.


1x Cleaning Cloth


1x Authenticity Card (N/A to all)


1x Punch Box


1x User Manual


1x Rigid Box


1x Product

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trishul Pyrite Earrings are exquisite pieces of jewelry that feature pyrite gemstones adorned with trishul motifs. Pyrite, also known as "Fool's Gold," is a mineral with a metallic luster and a golden hue, often mistaken for gold due to its appearance. The trishul, a symbol commonly associated with Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology, consists of three prongs representing various aspects of existence – creation, preservation, and destruction. These earrings beautifully combine the protective properties of pyrite with the symbolic significance of the trishul, making them not only stylish accessories but also potent talismans for spiritual protection and empowerment.

How do Trishul Pyrite Earrings benefit the wearer?

To maintain the beauty and integrity of your Trishul Pyrite Earrings, it's essential to handle them with care and follow proper maintenance practices. Avoid exposing the earrings to harsh chemicals, such as perfumes, cosmetics, or cleaning agents, as these may tarnish or damage the metal components. Store the earrings in a soft pouch or jewelry box when not in use to prevent scratches or other damage. Additionally, gently clean the earrings with a soft, dry cloth after wearing them to remove any oils or residues and maintain their shine. By caring for your Trishul Pyrite Earrings properly, you can ensure that they remain radiant and beautiful for years to come.

While Trishul Pyrite Earrings are designed to be durable and suitable for regular wear, it's essential to consider your lifestyle and activities before wearing them daily. If you lead an active lifestyle or engage in activities that may put stress on the earrings, such as sports or heavy physical labor, you may want to reserve them for special occasions or events. However, if you're comfortable wearing earrings daily and can do so without risking damage to the jewelry, there's no reason why you can't enjoy the protective and empowering energies of your Trishul Pyrite Earrings on a daily basis.

Look for the ORGI seal on your Trishul Pyrite Earrings purchased from "The Last Monk." The ORGI seal indicates authenticity and is a mark of quality control conducted by "The Last Monk" to ensure the genuineness of the product. Additionally, ensure that the earrings feature genuine pyrite gemstones and high-quality metal components, such as sterling silver or gold, with the characteristic properties associated with pyrite and the trishul motif. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of your Trishul Pyrite Earrings, you can reach out to "The Last Monk" customer service for verification.

Stones Used

This product features carefully chosen stones, adding beauty and sophistication to its design.